Celebrating love and family – ED’s Report Winter 2020

This month sees us celebrate love and family – two things that are both intertwined and meaningful at Moorelands Kids.

In your winter myMoorelands, we are celebrating YOU, our Moorelands Kids family, and the very many ways you share your love and support with our kids.

In the words of Hailey, one of our campers, “going to Moorelands Kids is like being a part of a family.” When you share of yourselves with us, you give children the chance to form supportive, developmental relationships with peers and mentors.

You make it possible for them to learn the Moorelands Kids’ Habits & Qualities, developmental tools that set them up to achieve life success by building on their unique, individual strengths.

We are all stronger together. This is both a truth in society and one of our Habits & Qualities’ key teachings. I invite you to explore ways your unique strengths can support a child’s next steps in their Moorelands’ journey.

If you met us for the first time this Christmas, please accept our invitation for a program tour (contact Maureen to learn more), or read about our after-school programs or volunteer choices. Please consider how else we can engage together to keep building opportunities for kids like Hailey. Each of us has so many strengths and so much to share – whether it’s time, money or skills.

2019 was a challenging year for Moorelands Kids. We didn’t end the year as financially strong as we planned and worked towards. However, on a positive note, we have ‘served more kids and served kids more,’ resulting in exponential growth in all our programs.

Your support now will directly impact the number of children we can help in our after-school, camp and family programs. Christmas is over, but your gift to a child in need doesn’t have to be. Please make a gift on the form below and fund a child through a month of Moorelands Kids’ programs.

With gratitude,

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Lynda Tilley
Executive Director, Moorelands Kids

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