Program Results and Impact

Since 1912, we have transformed the lives of 136,875 children and youth.

Children and youth living with financial challenges face barriers that other kids don’t.

Moorelands Kids’ mission is to bridge the opportunity gap through skill-building experiences, empowering kids to overcome the barriers to success.

Our leadership programs, using the Moorelands Kids Habits & Qualities, offer year-round experiences where kids can learn, practice and benefit from valuable life and leadership skills. We set the stage for kids as young as six to become leaders – first of themselves and then in their communities.


90% of kids reported they felt more confident after participating in a Moorelands Kids program in 2021.

More Responsible

94% of kids reported they were more responsible after participating in a Moorelands Kids program in 2021.

Improved Teamwork

91% of kids reported their teamwork skills improved after participating in a Moorelands Kids program in 2021.

Improved Communication

89% of kids reported their communications skills improved after participating in a Moorelands Kids program in 2021.

Peer Connections

85% of kids reported they were able to make positive connections with peers while participating in a Moorelands Kids program in 2021.

136,875 Kids Helped Since 1912

Our Objectives

Moorelands Kids’ leadership programs for Toronto children and youth-in-need have four overarching goals.

Through fun programming based on a Positive Youth Development framework, we aim to provide Toronto kids age 6 – 18 with:

1. Youth develop self-awareness and confidence.

Youth learn new skills and build on individual strengths to become more self-aware and confident.

2. Youth increase resiliency and strengthen their mental health.

Through positive, intentional connections with peers and caring adults, youth increase resiliency and strengthen their mental health and wellbeing.

3. Youth develop their personal leadership skills.

Youth develop their personal leadership skills and are empowered to achieve success in their daily lives by applying the Moorelands Kids Leadership Habits & Qualities (which encompass respect, responsibility, ability to work in teams, communication, decision making and goal setting)

4. Youth are empowered to be future leaders and role models.

By strengthening personal leadership skills, youth are empowered to be future leaders and role models in their communities; be it their immediate circle or the community at large.

Program Goals & Results

Click the galleries below to view the goals, measures and results for each of our after-school and camp programs. The challenge of not being able to meet our kids in person cannot be understated. In response to this challenge, Moorelands Kids focused on connectivity and resilience-building for our children and youth. In 2021, we intentionally created online opportunities to bring kids together in real-time interactions; we increased these opportunities by 81% over 2020.  In response to the COVID-19 interruption, we focussed on kids’ connectivity and access to caring adult mentors.  To increase the sense of familiarity and belonging for our kids, we fostered activities and made connections where familiar faces and places were featured. From a staffing perspective, both our camp and city Program leads were certified in a train-the-trainer program to support staff mental health; and we focused on increasing our technical skills to be able to deliver more robust online supports thanks to designated-use operational recovery grants from the Ontario Trillium Fund for COVID Relief. These are just a few of the steps taken to address the “disconnect” among our community during 2021.


Please note, we continuously adapt and modify our programming to best meet the needs of the children we serve. For this reason, some measures change from year to year.

* Single asterisk: this may indicate that the measure is new and was not collected in past years, or it was not collected in that specific year.

** Double asterisk: indicates changes to program due to COVID-19, or data collection has been affected by COVID-19.

Program Highlights & Challenges

In 2022, Moorelands Kids recognizes that we are in a re-build of programs as we work with our communities to recover from the impact of COVID-19 by increasing access to our services,  and delivery on our mission to build skills-building opportunities for Toronto children and youth living in financial marginalization.

Program Recovery Outcomes:

Moorelands Camp: to provide space and support for 30% increase in children/youth served encompassing all Camp programs – Camp, LEDGE and STEP – between now and 2024. We are looking to increase camp spaces available by 120 in 2023 to 480, and by another 120 spaces in 2024 making 600 camper spaces available.

City Programs: We will create new spaces and support for a 30% increase in our city programs offerings with a particular focus on BLAST – creating 50 new program spaces by 2024.



Moorelands Camp


Our overnight summer camp is a week away from the city in a safe, caring, positive environment focusing on new friends, leadership development, and having FUN!

what we do - facts and stats


Our Virtual Programs aim to keep kids connected, resilient and learning during COVID-19.

after-school programs


While enjoying a wide variety of activities in a safe, structured environment, kids get active, have fun and learn how to be leaders.

Family Programs


Our Holiday Sharing program, serving our current participants, provides holiday help to families-in-need.