Christmas Sharing

Thank You for Helping 701 Children and Babies in 2021!

Every year during the holiday season, Moorelands Kids offers a uniquely personalized way for you to reach out to families in need.

Our Christmas Sharing program links a family, firm, or group with a family or families whose children have attended Moorelands Camp. Through your sponsorship or “adoption,” Moorelands Kids provides holiday gifts to low-income Toronto families whose children attend our programs. This year you can also donate to our Top Up the Pantry and Mitts & a Movie programs to offer even more help! See below for ways to help out our families for the 2022 Holiday Season.

How Does Adopt-a-Family Work?

Moorelands Kids’ Christmas Sharing program is a fun and joyful way to give to those in need during the Holiday season. Once you have successfully signed up to adopt-a-family, we will provide you with gift-giving guidelines, information about the number of people in the family, the children’s ages and interests (e.g. colours, music, authors, games) to ensure that gifts will be useful and cherished. You and your family or group members go shopping and deliver the gifts to us. We then organize times/dates for the families to pick up their gifts. Sign up early (October) as we have a limited number of families available. For 2021, all of our families have been adopted!

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Be an Elf and Volunteer with Moorelands Kids this Holiday Season!

Learn about our volunteer opportunities during December and help us share Christmas with families-in-need.

Top UP the Pantry – Another Way to Help

This year Moorelands Kids has heard that a concern for families is food security. In addition to the grocery money that Moorelands Kids receives for a nice family meal at the holidays, we are looking to collect donations for our families most in need to receive extra grocery support. The Top Up the Pantry program provides extra grocery support to our families most in need.

Top Up the Pantry!

Sponsor a mom and newborn

Another way to share this Christmas is through our Baby Bundles program. Moorelands will link you with a newborn and mom that needs your support. We provide you with gift-giving guidelines to ensure that your gifts will be useful and cherished. You and your family (or group members) go shopping and deliver the gifts to Moorelands. We then organize times/dates for the delivery of your gifts.

Items include a toy, sleepers, blankets, clothing and toiletries (we will provide you with a full list). The approximate cost of one Baby Bundle is $200.

At this time, all of our Moms and Newborns have been Sponsored! If you would like to make a monetary donation to our Baby Bundles program for future bundles, please click below.

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Christmas Sharing baby bundles

Mitts & a Movie!

Help a Teen Aged After School Participant with Mitts & A Movie!

Each year, Moorelands Kids Christmas Sharing also provides gifts to teenagers in our afterschool programs. By donating a minimum of $50, you will help us provide a movie gift card and a pair of mitts to a teenager as a gift for the holidays. Donate today!

Mitts & a Movie


Donate the value of adopting a Moorelands Kids' family and we'll get the gifts on your behalf!

Important Info About Christmas Sharing

Moorelands Kids may be able to provide a charitable tax receipt for the gifts you purchase. If you would like a charitable tax receipt, you must:

  • keep the original purchase receipts for each gift
  • fill out our online form
  • bring in the purchase receipts with your gifts.

Due to CRA guidelines, purchase receipts will not be accepted after the gifts have been dropped off.

Complete Tax Receipt Request Form

At Moorelands Kids we respect the unique worth and inherent dignity of the families we serve. That’s why our Christmas Sharing program is anonymous. If you wish to connect more closely with the family you are adopting, please feel free to include a special message to them (please keep your names, or your group anonymous as well). Moorelands will ensure the message is delivered. The message is meant as an opportunity, not as an expectation.

Moorelands screens the families we serve for eligibility. Fact: 87% have a total family income of $24,000 or less. family

Detailed gift-giving guidelines will be provided once you sign up but here is a general overview: For families each child aged 16 and under you will be asked to provide:

  • Hats and waterproof mitts/gloves
  • Games, activity, toy or gift card
  • Holiday treats (chocolates or sweets)

(Typically this will cost up to $100 per child, depending on the age)

  • Grocery gift cards – $75 for a family of 2 and an additional $25 for each additional member (a family of 3 would receive $100, a family of 4 would receive $125)

It’s exciting to help others and sometimes we’re tempted to “make this Christmas the best ever”. Please be fair and follow the guidelines. Many recipient families know each other and all pick up their Christmas packages at the Moorelands Christmas “warehouse”. To the extent possible, we’d like our families to receive gifts of comparable value. We do check deliveries to ensure that each child has age-appropriate gifts and the grocery gift card amount matches the family size. If you are inspired to do more please consider adopting an additional family or perhaps sponsor a child to attend another Moorelands’ program. See other ways you can get involved…

Drop-off Dates:

Once you have successfully applied to adopt-a-family, we will assign you a date to drop off your gifts. Drop off dates are November 29 – Dec 1, 2021 according to the preference listed on applications.

Drop-off Times:

8:00 am to 5:30 pm

  1. Organize your plan–get your family or group together
  2. Complete the online application in October (act fast since we have a limited number of families available)
  3. We will contact you within a week of receiving your application, assign you a family or families as requested and provide you with the information you’ll need
  4. Go shopping, pack the unwrapped gifts for your family(ies) and complete the packing slip
  5. Deliver the boxes (or have them delivered by courier) to the drop-off location in Toronto on your scheduled date. You will be notified by email where this is.
  6. Feel great about helping families in need and for inspiring others to get involved!
  7. We’ll organize time/dates for the families to pick up their gifts

Sign up to Adopt-a-Family

Some Thank You Messages From Families Helped

Info for Families Seeking Support

Moorelands Kids Christmas Sharing program serves families whose children have attended our camp or participated in multiple Festive Friday programs in the current year (2021). If your child/children attended our camp, please note that applications for support must be in by October 1st. If you are a participant in our Camp program, please apply through your Campsite Account.

If your child/children did not attend our camp and you need support this Christmas, the Christmas Bureau opens November 1st. Please contact them for support: 416-392-3601

Please check out the programs that we offer to Toronto kids: Moorelands Camp BLAST LED VITAL

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Christmas Sharing