Jobs at Moorelands Kids

Moorelands Kids is dedicated to empowering kids to transform their lives by providing fun, engaging, life and leadership skill building programs to Toronto children and youth affected by poverty.  We work hard to build a team environment where open, frank and respectful communications from everyone at every level is essential.  We remain firm in our belief that hard work, leadership and team spirit will be the keys to our success. It’s really quite simple – people make the difference.

At Moorelands Kids, every member of our staff team is a leader.

Moorelands Kids defines leadership as the ability to guide, direct or influence people through our own actions and responses. We believe in service leadership.

Not everyone is cut out to command others, but everyone can build on their own inner strengths to make better decisions for the benefit of all and to act on those decisions.

Leadership is not about power or position…

Leaders give others hope, encouragement and determination.

Leaders help others grow.

It’s about influence!

Are you a leader?  Come, join our team!

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Make a difference in the lives of Toronto kids affected by poverty by working at our Head Office

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