About Us

About us: Moorelands teaches kids from low-income, Toronto neighbourhoods, the 21st Century skills they need to be outstanding leaders and engaged citizens.  We provide opportunities for kids to develop and practise critical thinking and decision making; emotional intelligence; and interpersonal skills, including: communication, conflict resolution, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, influencing skills and teamwork.

About our methods: We focus on the whole child, bridging the opportunity gap by helping kids build on one or more of the 4 C’s (competence, confidence, character and connections), which are the building blocks of the Positive Youth Development practised at Moorelands.

About our programs: Our fun, ‘intentional’ programs promote: 1) physical activity; 2) life skills development; 3) character development; 4) cultural competence; 5) tolerance and appreciation for diversity; 6) connections with peers, role models and community.

Moorelands provides critically acclaimed, evidence-based programs for children and youth living in some of Toronto’s poorest neighbourhoods. As we work toward securing our children’s future, we ask you to walk beside us, to become Moorelands ambassadors and to consider making Moorelands your charity of choice.

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