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    All spots at Moorelands Camp qualify for a subsidy with fees starting as low as $25 for a whole week! For Toronto Kids, it’s a week away from the city in a safe, caring, positive environment focusing on new friends, character and leadership development, and having FUN! Scroll down to learn more...

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Moorelands Camp
We Empower Kids to Transform their Lives!

Paddleboarding at Camp

Strong Learning. Super Fun. Smart Choice.

All spaces at Moorelands Camp qualify for a subsidy with fees starting as low as $25 for a week at camp! 

For Toronto Kids, it’s a week away from the city in a safe, caring, positive environment focusing on new friends, leadership development, and having FUN! Moorelands Camp is an amazing and empowering experience!

Adventure Paddle Boarding NOW AVAILABLE!

Where is it? What’s it like?

Moorelands Camp is located on Kawagama Lake, near Dorset, Ontario, approximately 2 ½ hours north of Toronto. We offer a bus pick up site in both the east and west end of Toronto for transportation to and from camp. It is a beautiful, natural setting with beaches and forests. To ensure privacy, the living areas are divided into separate Boys and Girls Ends based on sex. The dining hall, sports field, health centre and activity areas are centrally located for all campers.

Moorelands Camp

Who is Camp for?

Send a kid to camp: a camper and staff enjoy marshmallows by the campfire

Moorelands Camp serves children and youth from Toronto who are currently in grade 3 to grade 8. Campers should be ready for the experience of living in a group and working together, learning about leadership and having a break from the city for a week. All our transformative programs are based on and support Positive Youth Development.

Moorelands campers develop…

  • Confidence in themselves
  • Competence and life skills
  • Character and connections with role models and peers

How to Apply?

  1. ONLINEClick here to fill out our online application form. It’s quick and easy!
  2. IN PRINT – Call us at 416-466-9987 x300 to have an application mailed to you

After we receive all your information, your application will be processed. When registered, a confirmation package will be mailed or sent electronically to you.

See Our Objectives & Results

Objectives & Results

Moorelands Kids Opportunities for High School Students

Moorelands Camp has 2 programs for High School aged campers, L.E.D.G.E. and S.T.E.P. To learn more about them, please use the menu on the right or click here.

Parents! Is your child ready for camp? Are you?

Ask yourself:

  1. Is this something your child wants to do? Are they excited?
  2. Have they successfully made it through a night or weekend at a friends or relatives – away from you?
  3. Is your child ready to be away with no parent contact except for letters and one-way emails?
  4. Does your child enjoy participating, working and playing in groups?
  5. Have you prepared your child? Talked about being away, looked at a calendar? Have you prepared yourself?

If you are unsure, please feel free to contact our Camp Director with any concerns or questions using our contact us page.

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