World Premiere HQ’s Video

World Premiere!! Check out our BLAST kids starring in the latest music video “HQ’s” from Yung Leadership! Subscribe on YouTube!


Written, produced and performed by Yung Leadership

Video by Moorelands Kids’ BLAST

HQ’s Lyrics

Verse 1

(yea- yea) (yea-yea, yea-yea)

I got these habits & qualities/ (Qualities)

Here I go showing you all of these/ (All of these)

Choose your response let me stop and think/ (Stop and think)

Respect my peers that’s the missing link/ (whoa)

Setting my goals on a focused path/(focused path)

Responsibilities all of that/ (All of that)

Self-control means think before you act / (For you act)

Choose your behavior I’m spitting facts/ Spitting facts)
consider and understand others/ (How?)

Listen then ask and then share/ (ooh)

Be kind and help those in need/ (Need)

All of this shows that you care/ (Shows that you care)


I got the habits & qualities/(HQ)

Every day I’m using all of these/ (HQ, HQ)

Helping the leader inside me grow/ (HQ)

Learning together and then we show (HQ, HQ)

Verse 2

Achieve more together just do your part/ (Do your part)

Trustworthiness coming from the heart/ (From the heart)

Play by the rules see the fun it brings/  (Fun it brings)

Courage means doing the right of things/ (Right of things)

Care for yourself on the inside out/ (eh)

Never stop learning that’s what we bout/ (What, what)

Exercise, sleep and just take some time/ Take your time)

Recharge your body and then your mind / (Then your mind)

Citizenship make you love your home/ (Community)

Nobody’s in this world on their own/ (We in this together) 

Do what you can to reduce your waste/ (What, what)

Make sure the world is a lovely place/ (Lovely place)

Chorus X2

I got the habits & qualities/ (HQ)

Every day I’m using all of these/ (HQ, HQ)

Helping the leader inside me grow/ (HQ)

Learning together and then we show (HQ, HQ)

Shout outs

Shout out Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park, Marc Garneau Secondary, Valley Park, Humber Summit, Gulf Stream, Gateway, Thorncliffe Public School, Grenoble where you at? Shout out Dorset, Shout out Kawagama Lake, Big ups Old Mill Marina (Old Mill), Shout out Moorelands Kids we out.    

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