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Give a child-in-need a summer that can change their future…

Join our campaign to send kids from low-income Toronto neighbourhoods to Moorelands Camp. You can empower a child to transform their life!

Kids like Hope and Mary need Moorelands Camp! The summer ahead is still uncertain but Moorelands Kids is well prepared. While we anticipate campers will have the opportunity to attend in person, we are preparing for a range of scenarios.

With all of the stresses caused by Covid-19 — along with the regular stresses of living in poverty and in isolation– children need the kind of supportive environment Moorelands Camp provides. Whether in person, as we hope, or online, this skill-building and supportive environment is something that we can make happen, together.


Moorelands Camp NEEDS YOU!

While we are hopeful that WILL be back at camp this summer, we know things will be different. For one thing, we anticipate the province will restrict the number of campers to 300 this year, that’s less than half the campers in 2019. We also believe that local health units will mandate extra costs for the health and safety of the campers. The combination of fixed costs, new COVID safety measures and fewer campers means it will cost $1,530 to send a kid to camp – an amount that puts Moorelands closer to what a traditional camp costs.

We know you believe in our kids and in the importance of camp. Thank you for your ongoing help to keep Moorelands Camp going strong. With your help, kids will develop new skills, resiliency, and confidence-boosting connections at camp this summer. Our campers need Moorelands and Moorelands need YOU!


Hope and Mary’s Story

When Ada and her three children, David (now 19), Faithy (now 16), and Mona (now 12), first arrived in Toronto in the late 2000s, they faced many challenges. For Ada, leaving her secure job as a teacher in Nigeria for the better life Canada offered her kids, came with a great deal of risk.

Ada explains, “Starting a new life in Canada was not easy.  It was very hard for me to get work as a teacher here… there were so many challenges and struggles that my husband went back. These past years have been hard. I am praying that it will all work out. I just want the best for my kids.”

Ada was at her local community centre when she first heard about Moorelands Camp. David, then only 9, had never been away from his mother. The idea of an overnight camp frightened Ada yet she felt that she had to let him go: this was an opportunity that was too important for David to miss…

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From the hot city streets to Moorelands Camp!

Tucked away on 45 acres of sandy beaches and dense forests, accessible only by boat, is Moorelands Camp. A gem in the Algonquin Highlands, each summer our summer camp welcomes 700 children and youth from some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Swimming, canoeing, music, kayaking, archery, ropes courses, arts and crafts and overnight tripping… the spirit of the wilderness! And build into all this fun are character and leadership lessons – communication, teamwork, problem solving and goal setting – the development of skills necessary for life success!

Staff care deeply about the campers, supporting them as they practise positive interactions with each other and with adults, and celebrating their achievements. Campers return home bursting with great stories of their personal accomplishments, new leadership skills and wonderful memories.

Send a Kid to Camp!

What camp really did was show me another way to be…I am so thankful to Moorelands Camp but I was only able to go because kind and generous people donated. It changed life for me as a disadvantaged child.

Sandra Brown, Moorelands’ alum
Sandra - Moorelands Kids Alumni
Sandra Brown, Moorelands’ alum

An Oasis of Calm in our Busy World

Today’s kids spend their days consumed by technology and social media. As a result, they have more issues with physical health problems, anxiety and stress than ever before.

Moorelands Camp is an antidote to the sedentary behaviours and their negative health outcomes that today’s children face, especially those from low-income households.

Research shows that just 3 days in nature can increase cognitive ability by 50%, improve self-esteem and lower rates of depression…

Join with us to send kids to camp today!


Other ways to get involved!

Become a Send a Kid to Camp (SAK) Letter Writer

When 694kids returned from Moorelands Camp last summer, though they looked the same, they came back as very different kids.

Moorelands Kids’ SAK Letter Writing campaign is a peer to peer invitation to do good. When you pick a few friends to reach out to and share your passion for the work of Moorelands Kids and the possibilities that Moorelands Camp offers to kids affected by poverty, it’s a powerful support of our kids because you are making the ‘ask’ and your network picks up on your belief in our work.

We make being a SAK letter writer as easy as possible for you.

  • We create the letter template.
  • We merge your contacts and print the letters and we’ll take care of mailing them out.
  • You provide us with your list of who to contact and perhaps agree to send along a personal thank you as we report back to you on who took you up on your invitation.

Matt, 11 yrs old told us, “When I’m home, this is how I will use the things I learned at camp… I will care for my people; encouraging others to be more active and I will be more positive.”

The SAK letter writing campaign is Moorelands Kids’ single largest source of funds to get kids like Matt up to camp this year and the need is great. Last year we sent 200 kids to camp from the SAK campaign.

During their session at Moorelands Camp, the kids experience big skies, campfires, songs, and new skills like swimming and canoeing. Matt and kids like him learned about setting and achieving new goals, making new friends and being a part of a community that cared and nurtured their development.  Living in some of Toronto’s poorest communities, they were able to leave their worries behind while at camp, and enjoy all that Moorelands has to offer.

Will you help kids like Matt and become a SAK letter writer for the kids this year?  If you are interested, please contact Helen Gaan: or 416-466-9987 ext. 312.


Get together with friends or coworkers and create a fundraiser to send a kid to camp. Host your own bbq for bunks or hold a jeans day at work – check out fun fundraising ideas;

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Spread the word about Moorelands Kids and the amazing impact of Moorelands Camp!

  • Share that you’ve made a donation through social media & encourage friends to do the same.
  • Follow us on social media and share our posts so that more people discover why Moorelands matters to our kids.
  • Let people know why camp is important! Tell them what you learned and why it’s made a difference in your life.
  • Share your story with us, so we can track the benefits of Moorelands Camp and tell others about it’s impact.


Thank you for investing in kids in your community.

Moorelands Kids is a fiscally prudent organization, run with the highest level of stewardship of the public trust.

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