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According to research from the Search Institute, young people who benefit from strong developmental relationships across different parts of their lives are more likely to have:

  • Increased academic motivation;
  • Increased social-emotional growth and learning;
  • Increased sense of personal responsibility; and
  • Reduced engagement in a variety of high-risk behaviors.

For Amanda, one of our camper parents, the best thing about Moorelands Camp is “the way the staff treat the kids like family.” As a mom on a lower-income, she really values the Moorelands Kids community and the opportunities it provides for her daughter, Hailey. “As a family, we’ve experienced a lot of different programs for kids and no one else builds these strong relationships like Moorelands Kids does.”

Hailey has been going to Moorelands Camp for four years now and both mother and daughter recognise the strong connections she’s forged. “Going to Moorelands is like being part of a family.Hailey states, “The way you bond with friends and the leaders. I’m always sad to leave.

They don’t treat the kids like a paycheck.” Amanda adds, “They truly and honestly care about every child and take the time to build those one-on-one relationships with the kids. Hailey may only see the counsellors once a summer, but the difference they make lasts year round.

Moorelands has been great to us as a family. Hailey is a lot more independent, self-confident and ambitious. The very first summer she came home and decided she wanted to work at camp. She’s been doing everything she can to make it happen, including swim lessons at a local pool so she can get her life guard certificate. She told me she really wants to share what she’s learned and use it to help other kids.”  

We think that’s an amazing goal for a young person to have.

Hailey also recognizes how camp has helped her: “I used to be really shy but Moorelands has changed me completely. Before I went, I was always scared to make new friends because I’d been bullied in the past. But now I feel connected to a big family and community. I’m not scared to make friends anymore.

She’s definitely taught me things too,” adds Amanda, she’s shared the strengths and skills she’s gained at camp with me and we use them at home.

This year, Hailey intends to become a Moorelands’ LEDGE (High School leadership program) camper. Amanda would like to thank everyone in the Moorelands Kids family for making Hailey’s experiences possible: 

I’d like to thank everyone who’s donated. You’ve opened a lot of doors for her – and a bunch of other kids too. I’m grateful for everything you do – it’s not just camp, not just once a year. You’re there at Christmas; you’re there throughout the year. A child goes to Moorelands once and they’re part of the family and for that we’re so grateful.” 

sharing strengths at Moorelands Kids

Consider how we can engage together to keep building opportunities for kids like Hailey.

Please think about how your special strengths can be used to fund child through a year of Moorelands Kids’ after-school and camp programs.

How much do programs at Moorelands Kids cost per child?

  • One session of camp – $1,200
  • A month of BLAST – $420
  • A month of VITAL – $394
  • A month of LED – $268

Thank you for sharing your support in 2019!

Stronger together! Consider making a donation that will give vulnerable kids access to nurturing support throughout the year.

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