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Kids Need Moorelands Camp – ED’s Report Summer 2021

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I don’t think I would be here right now if I couldn’t talk to people – actually interacting and playing games…Here at Moorelands it’s different from school. I find it really fun…. I started making actual friends. Moorelands has connected more of those people for me.”

Lucia, age 12

These are strong words from one of our campers! The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for most, but its effects are being felt heavily by young people in the many hot spots in our city. We know this past year, COVID’s had a huge impact on their education, well-being and mental health.

That’s why, now, more than ever, kids need Moorelands Camp.

This summer, Moorelands will offer kids a free, fun, interactive and engaging online camp experience. Our Virtual Camp will provide a safe space where youth will connect with friends and trusted mentors, enjoy songs, skits and fun activities – all while learning skills that build their resiliency, strengthen their well-being and nurture their physical and mental health.

At the time of writing, although the premier has spoken of camps opening, the restrictions on operating overnight camps remain in place. Together with the Board, Moorelands has weighed all the risks to kids and staff, current provincial announcements and the best medical advice available. We’ve made the tough decision that the overnight camp experience cannot happen this year. Our priority is -and must be – to keep our kids safe!

The government’s Phase 2 opening plans, which might allow for the possibility of overnight camps later in July and August, are tied to Province-wide vaccination, ICU and infection rates, over which we have no control.  Many of our families live in neighbourhoods hardest hit by the virus and even vaccinated youth can transmit the pandemic to their peers. Taking all these factors into account, we cannot safely operate overnight camp this summer. 

Yet, Moorelands will still be there to provide that safe harbour for kids in times of turmoil as we’ve been doing for 109 years!

As many of you know, throughout our history, we have always aimed to provide a place that will support the mental and physical wellbeing of our campers. Moorelands Kids has learned a lot from our experiences over the past year. Our Virtual Camp will be even more interactive and supportive. Though the kids will not be side-by-side, they will be face-to-face online. They will continue to engage and play.

If you haven’t already, I am asking you to make a gift today to ensure camp happens for Lucia and other kids like her. Costs are higher this year: the fixed costs of the camp property and infrastructure, combined with the hiring of additional staff to mentor kids and facilitate interactive programming while receiving less government support means it will cost $1,530 to send a kid to our Virtual Camp in 2021.

Moorelands Camp is more than a place: Moorelands Camp is a community – and you can’t cancel community.

Thank you for believing in us and for continuing to share your strengths as part of our community.

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Lynda Tilley

Executive Director | Moorelands Kids

At Moorelands Kids, our vision is to empower kids to transform their lives. It costs $1,530 to send a child to Moorelands’ virtual camp. Please make a donation today to help send a child to camp this summer. Any amount you choose to give will make a difference!

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