You Can’t Cancel Community!

Social Distancing is hard on everyone. Finding ways to connect to our families, kids and community in meaningful ways remains critically important.

A year on since we ran our first ever Virtual Camp, Moorelands Kids is about to run online camp programming for a second year. It’s not where we thought we’d be, but it’s what we need to do to keep some of the most vulnerable in our community safe, connected and growing. While we may not be able to see kids at camp in person this summer, Moorelands Camp is more than a place. It’s a community and you can’t cancel community!

We’re so excited for Virtual Camp to launch on July 12th and spread some joy, fun and learning across the city to kids who really need it.

Here’s how our nimble programs team continues to adapt our offerings to best serve Toronto kids. 

Virtual Programs

We’ve adapted our programs to create activities that engage and empower children using virtual delivery. Our camp and after-school programs continue to deliver learning, leadership and a variety of fun activities, as well as skills-challenges and socio-emotional teachings kids and families can do at home.

98% of campers reported they enjoyed Moorelands’ online camp in 2020

camp community

Moorelands Kids Connects

After more than a year out of the classroom and stuck at home, we know that kids are feeling lonely and isolated. Trusted mentors play a big role in kids’ well-being; so we’ve focused our efforts this past year on live and interactive online meet-ups. They’re a safe and fun space for kids to reconnect with their familiar staff leaders and friends. We’ve also created a link to trusted resources for our families.

99% of families reported they felt supported by online camp

camp community

Strengthening Kids’ Mental Health & Resiliency

Covid-19 is increasing anxiety for many. Children and youth are particularly vulnerable and those already living below the poverty line are 3x more likely to experience negative mental health impacts.  Kids need a sense of community and strong connections with friends and role models – exactly what you provide when you support our virtual programming.

99% of campers reported that they felt cared for by staff

camp community online

At Moorelands Kids, our vision is to empower kids to transform their lives. It costs $1,530 to send a child to Moorelands’ virtual camp. Please make a donation today to help send a child to camp this summer. Any amount you choose to give will make a difference!

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