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A Typical Day At Moorelands Kids’ Virtual Camp

We’ve learned a lot from last year and our Virtual Camp will be even more interactive, supportive and FUN! On a typical day, campers will receive a daily schedule filled with fun, engaging challenges and videos spread throughout the day to mimic moving between camp activities but most importantly, cabin group time is doubling to twice a day for most of the week to provide for even more meaningful interactions and connections between staff mentors and cabin mates.

“The pandemic has been very hard for the kids. It has disrupted everything… I am so grateful for everything that Moorelands has done like the interactive online programs… Going to camp helps kids in so many ways… new experiences, opening their eyes to new opportunities. But Moorelands Camp equally helps in socialisation, it helps kids learn to make new friends and develop teamwork skills. Learning how to interact successfully with people is so important. ( ”

Ada, camper parent

Here’s what a day at camp might look like for campers like Lucia.

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Virtual Camp
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9:00 am – Morning Video – Theme Skit from the beach

Each day, the Moorelands Camp team will post several videos that can be viewed at the camper family’s convenience. Feedback from our families in 2020 demonstrated that families appreciated flexibility. Each week in our theme skits, a story is told in ten-minute intervals, like a miniseries. So Lucia might start her morning with the daily theme skit – for example, a swashbuckling pirate adventure that teaches important leadership Habits & Qualities!

10:00am – LIVE Cabin Group Activity Time Session 1

Live and interactive cabin group time was one of the most popular elements of our camp programming last summer. Live Cabin group time happens every day Monday – Thursday and on certain days they get 2 experiences! Lucia will have the opportunity to meet up and have some much needed real-time interaction with other kids!

2:00 pm – MAPs Video – Wilderness Survival Skills at the Virtual Frog Pond

At 11:00 am, campers will have time to watch and engage in the daily MAP Video – each MAP (Moorelands Activity Pick) is designed to work the supplies provided in our camper kits so the only things families will have to supply are water and sticks! The goal is to integrate knowledge they would gain at camp through activities at home.

3:00pm – LIVE Cabin Group Activity Time Session 2

In the afternoon, Lucia can reconnect with her cabin of up to nine other campers and two staff members, these groups will meet through a safe and secure online platform and discuss the day and debrief the daily MAP.

4pm – Campfire Song Video from Hub Point

After her second session of Cabin time, Lucia might choose to enjoy the Campfire song of the day video and enjoy the scenic beauty of hub point, developing her connection to the wilderness, the camp community and Moorelands Camp itself.

7:00 pm – LIVE All Camp Games – Pirate Bingo

The LIVE evening activity will start at 7:00 pm and will run twice a week.  Campers will engage in many familiar games they know and love that are tied to the weekly theme like “Pirate Bingo”, “Clue”, “Stock Market”; plus some new activities like “Home Scavenger Hunts” all of which which are specially designed to be live and interactive!

After attending Moorelands’ Virtual Camp, Anil has taken on more responsibility, he’s taken on wanting to cook more.  It’s helped a lot. Especially with school, he’s not afraid anymore to speak his mind.”

Meena, camper parent

Many of our families have shared that although they registered for camp earlier in the year with hopes that things would be safer by the summer, they are happy about virtual camp as they are just not ready to let their kids attend in person.


Give campers positive, intentional connections with peers and caring adults that increase their resiliency and strengthen their mental health and wellbeing.

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