visitors' day 2018

Visitors’ Day 2018

Please join us for Visitors’ Day 2018 at Moorelands Camp on Friday, July 13th.

Park your car at Old Mill Marina (near Dorset) and take the boat across beautiful Kawagama Lake to see our programs in action. The marina is located at 1652 Russell Landing Rd., Dorset, ON, P0A 1E0.

Lunch will be provided and we encourage you to meet our children and take part in the celebrations at camp. Please note, our camp is boat access only.

Visitors' Day 2018 Schedule:

  • Boat pickups start at 10:30 am
  • Tours go from 11:00 to 12:30 pm
  • Lunch is 12:30 to 1:30 pm followed by relaxing by the beach.
  • Boats return you to your car between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. to have you back to the city between 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Please RSVP by July 3rd to 416-466-9987 ext 312 or  We hope to see you there!

Getting to Visitors' Day 2018

  • Take Hwy 400 north to Hwy 11.
  • Just north of Bracebridge take Hwy 117 east to Hwy 35.
  • Turn north (left) on Hwy 35
  • Turn right on Kawagama Lake Road.
  • Take first right, Country Rd #8 and follow the signs to Old Mill Marina. There is a ‘Y’ in the road, keep to the left!
  • Keep driving past the first marina you come to (Mountain Trout House Marina) and drive all the way to the end of the road until you can go no further. This is Old Mill Marina where you should park and wait for the boat.
  • Moorelands Camp 705-766-2916

At Moorelands Camp:

We believe that all youth have strengths, regardless of their background or life situation.

We believe that children and youth can grow and flourish when their strengths are aligned with the benefits of our intentional, quality programs.

We focus on understanding, educating, and engaging children and youth in productive activities rather than fixing, curing, or treating them.

Moorelands Camp Objectives are to provide:

  • Opportunities for campers to build self-esteem and confidence through fun recreational activities
  • Opportunities for campers to build life skills including problem solving, goal setting, decision making, team work and friend making
  • Opportunities for campers to learn practical camp related skills and experience success
  • Positive role models and opportunities for campers to learn and practice positive character qualities
  • The experience of good relationships with peers and a mentor
  • Positive memories of the camping experience

The Moorelands’ Mission Statement

At Moorelands, we recognize the inherent value of all children and youth. We work with Toronto’s children and youth affected by poverty, to provide them with positive and fun experiences to help strengthen their confidence, competence and character.

Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Great Canadian Giving Challenge 2018

Help Us Win $10,000!

Join the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

Every $1 donated to our charity IN JUNE through Canada Helps earns Moorelands a chance to win a $10,000 donation!!!

Your giving challenge donation using this form can have a HUGE impact… just one dollar could help us send 10 kids to Moorelands Camp!

Listen to Jauntzy and Fisher explain how it works…


Thank you!

Jays Care BLAST Baseball Celebration Day

Jays Care BLAST Baseball Celebration Day!

Our awesome partners, the Jays Care Foundation, have partnered with us this past year to build our BLAST kids’ confidence and life-skills through baseball! On Sunday, May 20th, they invited every BLAST participant and their families out to watch the Toronto Blue Jays play a thrilling game at the Roger’s Centre! Jays Care threw our kids a super fun party with face painting, poster-making, snacks, and games. The winners of the Jays Care Baseball Day Tournament even got to sit in the Jays Care Clubhouse!!! We’re so grateful for this opportunity – it was the best day ever!

Jays Care’s Amazing Support

The day was a celebration of the baseball fun and new learnings that BLAST kids have experienced this year thanks to Jays Care’s support. And what a year it’s been! Jays Care have been amazing partner’s – from training Moorelands’ staff in best practices that get kids moving to throwing baseball workshops for our kids to hosting the super fun BLAST Baseball Tournament in Flemingdon Park – it’s been such a great experience for all our unstoppable kids!

Before taking part in the baseball program at BLAST, 60% of our participants had never played baseball before. And after taking part in all the fun baseball skills workshops hosted by Jays Care, 71% of our kids say they feel more confident – not just in their ability to play the sport, but in life in general!

Here’s why BLAST kids say that playing baseball makes them feel more confident…

“Baseball opens my inside awesomeness!” Rikesh, age 8.

“I feel more confident because it showed my different abilities and strengths.” Aria, age 10.

“It makes me feel more confident because I know that each time I will get better and better. Plus, it’s one of my favourite things to play with my family. Baseball makes me happy and I would love to play some more after the tournament too. P.S. with the help of my dad I think I can get more skills!” Saif, age 10

“I learned if I believe in myself I can do it and I can play it confidently.” Reem, age 9.

THANK YOU Jays Care for partnering with Moorelands and showing our unstoppable kids how awesome they can be!

Pics from the Jays Care Baseball Celebration Day!

Bay St Volleyball 2018

Bay Street Volleyball Tournament 2018

The Annual Bay Street Volleyball Tournament, hosted by McCarthy Tétrault, took place on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, at Ashbridges Bay – and it was such a fantastic day!

Organized by McCarthy Tétrault’s articling students, 19 Toronto law firms took part in the event to support Toronto kids affected by poverty through Moorelands Camp! It was so great to see summer students from all the different firms come out to compete and show off their beach volleyball skills. The event was SO much fun and we are extremely grateful to have been chosen as this year’s beneficiary. Although the final fundraising totals are not yet in, the estimated amount raised so far is a whopping $20,000!!!! Thank you so much to everyone at McCarthy Tétrault and to all the law firms who took part and generously supported Moorelands’ kids.

Check out the pics below!

Ps. It’s not too late to make a donation to Moorelands Camp in support of one of the law firms that took part in Wednesday’s tournament. Click the button below – thank you!

A Few Pics from the Bay St Volleyball Tournament 2018

Jays Care Basketball Day

Jays Care Baseball Day

On Saturday, May 12th, the awesome people from Jays Care Foundation came over to Flemingdon Park to host a Baseball Day for all three of our BLAST locations. We’re so grateful to Jays Care for their generosity and the time and effort they put into organising the competition. We’re also incredibly grateful to all of the staff, volunteers, participants and families who came out to support the event. It was a fantastic day all around!

The day was packed full of fun baseball-skills games and activities designed to develop sports skills AND life skills. Participants were able to accumulate points for their baseball talent as well as for good sportsmanship and for demonstrating positive character qualities. The competition was stiff, however, as the prize was big… the winning team would get to go to the Jays Care Clubhouse to watch the Jays play the Oakland Athletics on Sunday, May 20th!

All the participants were amazing – on the baseball diamond and off! And everyone really enjoyed the delicious pizza lunch provided. It was also great to see so many parents and families out too cheering on our budding leaders.

In the end, the deserving winners were BLAST Grenoble who showed off their AMAZING baseball prowess as well as their positive attitudes and excellent leadership skills!  BLAST Grenoble kids will get to attend the Jays Care Clubhouse this weekend but Jays Care Foundation has also generously donated extra seats in the Rogers Centre so all the BLAST participants and their parents who supported the tournament can watch the Jays play this weekend too!

Thank you so much Jays Care Foundation for helping Moorelands develop budding leaders in our community!

If you’re interested in learning more about the subsidized leadership programs that Moorelands offers to Toronto kids, click the button below!

Some Highlights from Jays Care Baseball Day!

York Group Baby Shower

Baby Showers for Baby Bundles!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and our wonderful Moorelands’ community has been coming together to support Toronto mother’s and newborns in need through Moorelands Baby Bundles.  On Monday, May 7th, the Telco Community Volunteers Toronto Retirees Club showered us with baby gifts and supplies for new moms-in-need. On Thursday, May 10th, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of the lovely ladies of the York Group & Happy Hands Knitting Group’s 16th Annual Baby Shower at St. James’ Cathedral!

We are so very grateful to everyone who attended and supported these events. The care and love you all put into knitting booties, sweaters and blankets; shopping for important baby necessities; and offering up your gifts is so generous and inspiring! THANK YOU!

If anyone would like to make a monetary donation in support of Baby Bundles or make a gift in your mom’s honour for mother’s day, please click the button below!

TCV Toronto Retirees Club

York Group Baby Shower

leadership retreat

Leadership Retreat 2018

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”  Ken Blanchard

Youth LED and VITAL Kids Connect!

Leadership retreat 2018

Saturday, May 5th marked the annual leadership retreat for our Youth LED and VITAL participants. The leadership retreat is a chance for our middle school and high school participants to consolidate their leadership learnings, connect with their peers and demonstrate their growth through the two programs.  Plus it was a perfect opportunity for participants to get active. Not only did they take part in high ropes, archery and shelter building activities, they each completed over 20,000 steps!!

Using Problem Solving and Teamwork

The shelter building activity was a great opportunity for the youth to employ their problem solving and teamwork skills. First, they learned the different safety points to consider. Then they were split into two groups to build their own shelter. Shelters had to withstand rain, animals and fit the correct proportions. To ensure that the space was the right size while still retaining heat, the tallest person in the group had to kneel and put their arm straight up. To test that the shelter would stand up to rain, the YMCA staff through dirt and mud. And to test the shelter’s ability to withstand nosy animals they threw a log. The participants did a great job! Check out the pics!

Challenge By Choice

At Moorelands, we encourage our participants to set goals, push past their comfort zones and succeed. But of course, it’s always challenge by choice! In the Log Jam (High Ropes activity) it was great to see everyone trying the course, even if they were scared. Our youth all came down from the course happy with the goals they had set for themselves and achieved.

In archery, program leader Alpha set a challenge that if anyone attained a bullseye then he would drop and do 20 push ups… a promise he made good on when the challenge was reached!

Leading By Example

The leadership retreat was a super full day – participants also ran around in the maze, had some free time to play some sports and, of course, ate a lot of food! As well as a delicious lunch and dinner, there was bannock making at the campfire and plenty of s’mores! The campfire was a great chance to share stories and talk about how participants can influence others and lead by example in their communities by using the Moorelands’ Leadership Habits and Qualities in everyday life.

The leadership retreat is an annual event and often takes place at our own Moorelands Camp in Dorset, Ontario. Want to join in on the fun? Sign up for our Youth LED and VITAL youth leadership programs for middle and high school students which will return in the fall or come up to camp this summer!


President's Report

President’s Report – Spring echo 2018

Bob Webb, President of the Board
Bob Webb, President of the Board.

The challenges – Kids need fresh air and exercise!  Kids need to learn leadership and life skills!

The solution – Kids need Moorelands Camp!

As we have proudly reported over the past few months, Moorelands intends to celebrate the beginning of our second century of summer camp by creating the opportunity for about 150 more kids to attend summer camp in 2018 than did in 2017.

At our first rate and highly regarded camp on beautiful Kawagama Lake near Dorset, Ontario, we teach critical life skills such as swimming.  Kids are physically active all week long, learning new skills and participating in recreational activities such as kayaking, soccer and archery.

While teaching new skills, our well-trained camp leaders are also teaching life skills.  By way of example, while teaching canoeing, they also are teaching teamwork and cooperation.  While teaching skills related to our high ropes course, they are also teaching the power of peer encouragement and positive reinforcement.  While teaching archery, they are also teaching the power of perseverance and practice.

I encourage all who are able to take a day out of the city to see Moorelands’ purposeful leadership and life skills training program in action (lots of fun filled action!) at Moorelands Camp on Visitors’ Day this summer – July 13th.  From past experience, I know that you will be inspired by the kids and our programs and will be rejuvenated by your day at camp.  Bring your bathing suit!

I close by also inviting you to assist us, to the extent that you are able, in our Send a Kid to Camp Campaign.  It costs about $1,150 to send a kid to camp; however, contributions in any amount are welcome!

Bob Webb Signature

Bob Webb

President, Board of Directors

Moorelands Community Services

kids need Moorelands

This summer, kids need Moorelands Camp!

The Challenges...

kids need moorelands
kids need moorelands
kids need moorelands

The Solution... Help Us Get 150 More Kids to Moorelands Camp!

  1. Research shows that campers at residential camps take an average of almost 20,000 pedometer-recorded steps during full camp days… an antidote to summer sedentary behaviors among young people.[1]
  2. Technology puts major stress on the brain, inhibiting the ability to keep focussed. This affects goal orientation, task attention, and inhibition of unrelated activity or thought.[2] BUT research shows that just THREE days in nature can increase cognitive ability by 50%[3] and may also help mood disorders and improve self-esteem.[4]
  3. 91% of Moorelands campers told us that camp taught them to be more responsible; 87% said they had better communication skills, and 87% said they were able to make better choices.

How Moorelands Camp Helps Kids

kids need Moorelands Camp

“I love working kids on the sports field.  They learn great physical literacy skills that will help develop their positive attitude towards physical activity for their lifetime.  Kids also learn how to play fair and think win/win in situations where maybe they do not like the particular activity/outcome.  Although they may not like something, they learn they are in control of how they react and can choose a positive response rather than a negative one.”

Alpha, Moorelands Camp leadership team

kids need Moorelands Camp

“Kayaking is such an amazing activity for kids to learn about trying new things – we’ve had some kids who’ve never tried it before and maybe go into it with a negative mind-set. But once they give it a chance and choose a proactive response to something they’ve never tried, they become so confident in their abilities and learn that it wasn’t that hard at all! Plus, paddling so close to the water is always fun!”

Cheeri-oh!, Section Head, Moorelands Camp

Kids need Moorelands Camp

“High Ropes is a fantastic opportunity to develop perseverance – pushing past difficult things! Kids also learn about working towards goals. They discover that setting a goal at the beginning of the week, even if it is just getting up the ladder, leads to great success and opportunities for growth. Watching the campers smash past their goals or fears is so rewarding, especially when they fully trust in their team to support them physically and emotionally as they climb.”

Fisher, Co-Director, Moorelands Camp

Help Us Help Kids!

Join our Send a Kid to Camp campaign and give more Toronto children the chance to experience Moorelands Camp, whatever their financial circumstances.


[1] American Camping Association (2013) Physical Activity and Health in Camps

[2] Kaplan S (1995) The restorative benefits of nature: Toward an integrative framework. Journal of Environmental Psychology 15(3): 169–182.

[3] Atchley RA, Strayer DL, Atchley P (2012) Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings

[4] Hart, J (2016) Prescribing Nature Therapy for Improved Mental Health, Alternative and Complementary Therapies

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