Christmas Sharing Brings JOY

THANK YOU to all of our amazing donors and Christmas elves!

Almost all of the gifts have been dropped off, and it’s nearly time for them to be picked up by Moorelands Kids’ families! It’s thanks to you, your families, your organizations, and your overwhelming generosity that 716 kids will have a joy-filled Christmas! Of the 716 kids served, 566 of those children attended Moorelands Camp, and 150 attend Moorelands Kids’ after-school programs; BLAST, LED, and VITAL. Each of these young people have the opportunity to learn the Habits and Qualities of Leadership. Each of them has been part of a program that empowers them to transform their lives.

Spreading Joy

Your kindness shows Moorelands Kids’ families that the real spirit of Christmas is about giving, being generous, and caring for others. Thank you for shopping together, for knitting together, for choosing great gifts. Thank you for the gift cards that will put a Christmas meal on the table. Thank you for the ribbons and bows, wrapping and bags, and for all of the thoughtful notes that will bring smiles on Christmas morning.

Baby Bundles

We’re also thrilled to tell you that, thanks to your generosity, this year Christmas Sharing will be providing supplies to 106 newborn babies and Moms. We know that these gifts will help connect a new mom with a health care worker and community supports that will provide education in the care of their baby. Baby Bundles also provide some of the vital things that they need to start life together.

Our generous donors continue to amaze us as you give what you have to young people.

THANK YOU for helping us to empower kids to transform their lives.

Be a leader - LED leaders

Being a Leader Means Being a Positive Influence

LED Kids Discover the Qualities of a True Leader

leader dance

Moorelands Kids’ LED (Lead, Excel, Demonstrate) kids have worked hard all year learning about the HABITS & QUALITIES that make a great leader.

It takes work to be PROACTIVE as a leader, but when you choose your response and consider the feelings of others, you show RESPECT. They have worked hard all year through activities like the Egg Drop Challenge to SET GOALS and learned to stay focused, remembering to do FIRST THINGS FIRST. When you think before you act, and consider the consequences, you demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY.

A Leader is a Positive Influence

These young leaders have learned that in order to be a FAIR leader, you need to think WIN/WIN when you consider each other’s point of view. This came in especially handy when they developed team flags and cheers! When lots of people are working together, they realized that LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING and THEN being UNDERSTOOD helps to demonstrate that they CARE about one another. They worked together to complete the Tomb Raider challenge. They really had to demonstrate TRUSTWORTHINESS as each person had a role to play!  Leadership can be challenging, and it takes a lot of work. LED kids learned that being a leader means being a positive influence. When you CARE for YOURSELF, INSIDE & OUT, you are more able to do your share as a member of the community. Leaders are good CITIZENS! Check out the LED program page for more info!

Online event

Lead the Way! Donate to Fix Fisher’s Face!

Time is running out on your chance to choose Fisher’s new look! We all know he needs a little help in the style department, so remember to VOTE for your favourite look NOW! The vote ends on Thursday, November 29th! What will it be? Devilish? The Hulkamania? Or the traditional Half&Half? Make your $3 donation today to have a say, to support the UNITED WAY of GREATER TORONTO, as well as ensuring that Fisher rocks one of these amazing looks for a WHOLE WEEK! It doesn’t get better than that!

Watch LIVE on our Instagram stories as Fisher’s facial hair gets fixed – Friday November 30th at 12pm!!!

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#ThankyouThursday for an AMAZING #GivingTuesday

Thank you to everyone who supported Moorelands Kids on #GivingTuesday – November 27th –  by spreading the word, donating and volunteering! We had a really successful day!

Altogether we raised $21,141! Of that, $20,391 was to the matching challenge for two weeks at camp. The rest of the donations were to other campaigns like Christmas Sharing or our after-school programs.

We are so grateful to our matching donor who has generously extended the matching challenge to December 31st – you can still donate online and your gift will be matched $ for $!


leading the way on Giving Tuesday!
celebrate together

Time to Celebrate Together – ED’s Report – Holiday 2018

Serving kids more: Lynda Tilley

The Christmas Season

The Christmas season evokes thoughts of sharing which often inspire us to give to others — to the family and friends we love and to those in our community who are in need. With a new calendar year just around the corner, December also is a time to review 2018 and its significant events.

At Moorelands Kids we are no different. We’re looking back at what we, with your support, have accomplished. What a gift your support is! What you’ve made possible is truly significant.

The Gift of Your Support

Through your generous help we have been able to grow in every area of the organization— from the youth we serve to the ways we share stories of impact with you. We have served more kids —a deliberate 2018 goal—and we had record attendance at our Kawagama Lake summer camp. Our two new after-school LED (Lead, Excel, Demonstrate) programs for middle-school children in Toronto’s west-end are off to a great start. We created a vision statement that inspires and gives clear direction to our future work. And, of course, we made the name change to Moorelands Kids to better reflect who we are and what we do while still honouring our roots.

As you look back over your year, we hope that you are proud of the work that Moorelands Kids has achieved and the role you played in making that happen. We truly thank you for standing with us in our work with kids.

Celebrate Together

Now it’s time to celebrate together! Our Christmas Sharing program is well underway. Our growth, while wonderful, has led to a record number of families hoping to receive help at this time of year—so much so that we have created a waitlist.  If you haven’t participated in our Christmas Sharing program and would like to do so, there are still opportunities to sponsor Moms and Newborns-in-need. Please give us a call or complete the online application. If you wish to ensure that some campers get two weeks of camp in 2019, please support the Matching Weeks Challenge initiated by Donald Ross and his family. If you’re thinking about either initiative, please act now—help us to provide more camp for more kids and some assistance this Christmas for families-in-need.

We truly wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Christmas season.

With gratitude for all that you do,

Lynda Tilley

Executive Director  

Moorelands Kids

Carolyn Fredenburg

Carolyn Fredenburg’s Story

“Planned giving is about imagining a world that isn’t there yet – and then making it so.”

Carolyn's Story

Carolyn Keen Fredenburg so enjoyed camping as a child that supporting Moorelands Community Services was simply a natural thing to do.

Carolyn was introduced to camping at age 12 and, as she says, “I loved it!”  She savored the camaraderie, the well-structured programmes, sing-songs and, of course, the many friends she made. “I went on to become a swimming and canoeing counsellor, always at camps operated by non-profit organizations.” We’ll let Carolyn tell her own story about her partnership with Moorelands.

“As an adult, a very good friend and fellow parishioner at St. George’s-on-the-Hill Anglican Church, Etobicoke, introduced me to Moorelands and its work with disadvantaged children, I was so impressed with Moorelands that I became one of its most avid supporters. Some campers train to become counsellors themselves; some go on into professions that help children. Thus Moorelands’ influence is far-reaching.

Camping is an Integral Part of Moorelands

 “I view camping as an integral part of Moorelands’ programming. It’s not just the time away and the beauty of Lake Kawagama.  It’s the excellent, intentional programmes aimed at building self-confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills. The kids don’t have to be aware of Moorelands’ lofty goals. They just have fun. Sometimes that’s the best way to learn.   

A retired high school English teacher, Carolyn lives in Etobicoke, Toronto.  She is active in her parish and it’s Anglican Church Women (ACW).  She has provided leadership in a number of not-for-profit organizations over the years, likes to travel, sing in choirs, hike, read voraciously, and thoroughly enjoys time spent with her 4 sons and grandchildren.  Life is good. Carolyn also remains deeply committed to Moorelands Community Services, so much so that she has remembered it with a gift in her will.

Leaving a Legacy

Making a planned gift was an easy decision for Carolyn to make.  She respects the staff there highly.  In addition to Moorelands’ camping activities, she also values the ongoing programmes that help youth throughout the year.  As Carolyn says, “It’s more than just keeping kids busy.  It’s about teaching them useful life skills.  It’s about building character.  It’s about giving kids hope.” 

Carolyn has left her future legacy gift undesignated.  Who knows what future priorities will be and she has every confidence that Moorelands’ Board of Directors will use her gift wisely. She also urges everyone to please consider remembering Moorelands with a gift in their own estate plans.  Her comments are insightful.   Moorelands Camp is all about abundance — an abundance of food, an abundance of friends, an abundance of fun.  One camper wrote, “Moorelands changed my life!” How can you go wrong by remembering an organization like that?”

Transforming Lives

You too may help transform children’s lives by remembering Moorelands Community Services with your own legacy gift.  For information, please contact Maureen Lewis, Director of Development and Communications at; 416-466-9987 Ext. 307.

Have you already left a legacy for Moorelands?  If so, please let us know.  We can ensure your future gift will be used exactly as you wish, explain tax benefits for your estate, and offer you recognition—or not—as you wish.

We’ll leave the last word to Carolyn, “I feel privileged to be a supporter of such a wonderful organization. Keep it going Moorelands!”

Learn More about Planned Giving

Have questions about remembering Moorelands with a legacy gift? Please contact Maureen Lewis, Director of Development and Communications, at or 416-466-9987 Ext. 307

Make a Difference Fair Christmas- baby bundles

Make a Difference

We are thrilled to share that all 243 Toronto families in our Christmas Sharing program have been adopted! That equates to over 600 children who get to celebrate the holidays with cheer, thanks to the gifts and grocery cards donated by thoughtful and caring people! THANK YOU!

Are you still looking for ways to help out and make a difference in the lives of Toronto families and kids-in-need?

Check out some opportunities below!

Fair Christmas- baby bundles

Donate Supplies to our Programs

Markers, glue-sticks, paint-brushes and bean bags! Just a few of the supplies that our programs need to run. Click the button below and complete the form to see the list of supplies that Moorelands Camp, Baby Bundles and our after-programs could use this Holiday and beyond!

Being fair at Christmas


Missed the chance to adopt-a-family but still want to help Santa? Help us cover additional costs of the program by making an online donation.

mission and values


The Moorelands Kids’ signature Send a Kid to Camp (SAK) letter-writing campaign raised $249,750 in 2018! Our amazing letter writers allowed 217 kids, one-third of our campers, to attend Moorelands Camp on Kawagama this year. An incredible success! Please make the commitment to join them next spring and spread your passion for Moorelands Camp in your community.

Adopt a family for Christmas. Donate to Christmas Sharing


Sign up to volunteer at Christmas Sharing program, December 10th – 14th. Or at our spring camper event on April 27thRing in Spring!  

Ring in Spring! is one of the new seasonal events that Moorelands Kids is offering to our camper families, like the inaugural Festi-fall in October. These events offer us the chance to connect with families and instill the Moorelands Kids’ Habits & Qualities in our campers throughout the year.

First Annual Festi-fall Brings Campers Together in the City

On Saturday, October 20th, 2018, Moorelands Kids held its First Annual Festi-fall for camper families and the impact of Moorelands Camp was clear to see. Two hundred campers, their parents and our AMAZING Moorelands Camp alumni volunteers came together for a delightful afternoon of carnival games—pumpkin curling! Ring toss! Giant Jenga™! A Sully and Gilbert scavenger hunt! Pizza! A spot of square dancing and camp cheers!

We are planning similar seasonal events. Preparations for “Ring in Spring!” on April 27th are already underway – click here to sign up to volunteer! These events offer us the chance to connect with families and instill the Moorelands Kids’ Habits & Qualities in our campers throughout the year. At this inaugural Festi-fall, here’s what some of our campers told us about what they learned this summer and also what they hope Santa will bring for Christmas!

“What I like about Moorelands Camp is I like how everybody cooperates and there’s so much fun things to do and I learned that there’s a lot more things about friendship than I thought there was. The thing I would like for Christmas is a Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn!” Ayesha, age 8

“I love Moorelands Camp because we play so many fun games. The MAPs(Moorelands Kids Activity Picks) are so cool and the food is awesome! I can’t wait for Christmas… I really hope I get a robot! ” Bilal, age 9

“This summer at camp I learned how to swim—I learned how to swim if your feet can’t touch the bottom! I want for Christmas a dog…or even a toy dog!” Alisha, age 8

“There is great staff at Moorelands Kids and that’s why I like it so much. The things that Fisher says at lunch are kinda funny but you also learn stuff too. I’m really looking forward to Christmas. I don’t know what I’m going to get, but I’m really excited to see all my family and just being together.” Craig, age 10

Festi-fall Photo Gallery

Moorelands Kids - Doing more for Kids

Moorelands Kids has the Chance to Do Even More for Kids

Thanks to a generous donor, we have a Matching Weeks Challenge for Camp—out to you and to our entire community!

We know that having the opportunity to go to camp is wonderful for all kids. With your help, Moorelands Kids makes that happen every year for over 600 children and youth who, because of their life circumstances, would otherwise miss out on the learning available through this valuable camp experience.

Helping Kids More

Last year, the Board of Directors challenged staff with the question, “How can we do more for youth?” Serving More Youth and Serving Youth More became two key objectives in our strategic plan.

This spring we asked our supporters what they thought kids needed most. We heard that spending more time with the kids and giving kids more time in nature was very important. Camping, canoe trips and being able to build stronger relationships were key in your responses. We listened!

Introducing project DIVE!

Next summer, Moorelands is offering a pilot camp program called project DIVE! It will be based on our Positive Youth Development framework for campers demonstrating the desire and capacity to grow. For these youth, their time at Moorelands Camp will be extended to two weeks and their experiential learning will be stepped up. They will have increased exposure to outdoor skills like canoeing and camping and receive greater leadership opportunities, such as assuming lead roles in group settings and becoming more accountable for their own learning. Project DIVE is about going deeper into all the areas of learning made possible at Moorelands Camp.

For our kids, over 50 hours of concentrated leadership training and camp experiences will be an incredible experience!

For Moorelands Kids, it’s working towards our objective of Serving Youth More. It’s exploring the impact of more time spent with our kids and youth. It’s about creating quality programs that invest in youth development and it’s about more positive influence in the lives of children.

Matching Weeks Challenge

JOIN US! Take up the challenge! We are delighted that Moorelands has this opportunity to move forward on its goal to Serve Youth More. Let’s ensure that project DIVE earns every dollar of the matching $65,000 to take full advantage of the gift from one of our generous donors. Let’s make sure that project DIVE is up and ready to receive participants next summer.


PLEASE DONATE to the Matching Weeks Challenge. One of our generous donors is matching every donation to the challenge made between Giving Tuesday (November 27th) and December 31st up to $65,000! Any amount you choose to give will help us reach our goal. Let’s get 55 kids to camp for two weeks!

Koda leading archery

Meet Koda – Moorelands Kids Changed My Life!

“Moorelands isn’t your typical summer camp. The camp’s goal is to have every camper grow as a leader and to discover their full potential.”

Koda's Story


Koda, a former Moorelands Kids’ camper, is now a Moorelands Camp and BLAST (Budding Leaders After School Teams) program staff member. In 2017, Koda received the Moorelands’ Young Leaders Award and Bursary to support her Social Service Worker studies at Centennial College. This summer she led the archery program at Moorelands Camp.

Communication, Teamwork and Goal-setting

“Looking back at my memories as a camper I feel a sense of gratitude that I was given the opportunity to attend Moorelands Camp. Truth be told, the first time I went to camp it was a different story… I was scared, anxious and mad at my mom for wanting to get rid of me for a week! But man, was I wrong…

“You see, before Moorelands, I used to be a really shy, quiet – “please-don’t-make-me-do-this” kind of girl. With each summer as a camper I became more confident, more ambitious and a lot more a leader.

Attending the two-week SALT (Skills and Leadership Training) program at 16, was an amazing experience. The opportunity to take part in a longer canoe trip really increased my communication, teamwork and goal-setting skills. I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve experienced the best of Moorelands Kids, as both a camper and as a staff member.


Not Your Typical Summer Camp

“These past two summers I’ve been part of a strong staff team with the goal to create fun, intentional leadership programming. We all work to build and enhance the 4 Cs in our campers: competence, confidence, character and connections. As a kid, I never realised how much thought and work went into our daily activities. At Moorelands we don’t do ‘Ds’—we don’t demean, diminish or disrespect each other.

“Moorelands isn’t your typical summer camp. The camp’s goal is to have every camper grow as a leader and to discover their full potential.

“Being a staff member at Moorelands is no easy ride. Working with kids—many of whom have diverse needs—can sometimes leave you emotionally and physically drained. But, whenever I’ve felt almost ready to throw in the towel, I always remember that I’m there for one reason: to show the campers that anything is possible. I am a leader and have to keep going and be that role model that they need.

Moorelands is a Magical Place

“Moorelands really is a magical place. I’m excited to help out at Christmas Sharing this year because I know how much the kids look forward to those gifts. Moorelands Kids has changed the course of my life. When I finish my education I’ve got a new career goal planned… I want to replace Lynda as Executive Director. Watch out!”

Make a Donation and Double Your Impact!

YOU can give more kids like the Koda the opportunity to attend Moorelands Kids’ programs! Right now we have a MATCHING CHALLENGE which means your donation will be DOUBLED from GIVING TUESDAY – November 27th – until December 31st thanks to a generous donor!

Learn more and donate to the MATCHING WEEKS CHALLENGE to DOUBLE your impact!

leadership programs

The Growing Need for Moorelands Kids Leadership Programs

“Child Poverty Affects Families in Every Single Ward in Toronto,” read a headline from the Toronto Star’s coverage of the municipal elections in November. Sadly, the recently published 2018 Toronto Child & Family Poverty Report estimates that more than 125,000 children live in low-income families.

The data illustrates that poverty, long thought of as an ‘inner-city’ problem, exists across Toronto, including in all of our suburbs. The reoccurring election theme of making Toronto more inclusive speaks to the increasing challenge of addressing poverty in our city.

Child poverty is spreading, but so too is access to Moorelands Kids’ leadership programs. Moorelands Camp, offering leadership and life-skills opportunities, long recognized that children-in-need were not only an inner-city issue. Our camp is also available to children and youth from every ward in Toronto. This fall, in response to reports like those above, we expanded our geographic reach and opened two new Moorelands Kids’ after-school LED (Lead, Excel, Demonstrate) programs, for middle school children in grades 6—8.

Empowering new communities. Kids transforming their own lives— a glimpse into the new LED leadership program at Humber Summit Middle School.

LED leadership program

In their third week of programs, as the new LED groups gathered, they learned about the importance of caring about others and communicating when working with others. The tool used for this exercise was a giant Jenga™ game—with a twist. To set the stage, participant teams were given the task of building towers with the choice of problem-solving as a team or working independently.

The outcome? Amazing leadership was shown! As the activity progressed it was clear that for this group, team success was more important than individual success. The participants learned that they did not have to sacrifice their own needs for their team to complete its task. Of course, they had a snack and got to hang out with their friends, but the youth-directed learning took precedence!

In our youth leadership programs, we encourage our kids to collaborate with one another and to understand the importance of applying that skill to relationships with others. That collaboration doesn’t happen without respect and good communication. These are vital 21st-century skills. Having a safe space to practice these new skills in our new west end programs is just one way that Moorelands Kids is growing to meet Toronto’s needs.

Make a Donation and Double Your Impact!

YOU can give more youth the opportunity to attend Moorelands Kids’ programs! Right now we have a MATCHING CHALLENGE which means your donation will be DOUBLED on Giving Tuesday – November 27th – thanks to a generous donor!

Learn more and donate to the MATCHING WEEKS CHALLENGE to DOUBLE your impact!

Chris Gale, Lynda Tilley, Veronica Gale

Chris Gale: Supporting Moorelands Kids – It’s a Family Decision

“Moorelands Kids provides intentional learning experiences to kids at every opportunity.”

Chris Gale, CEO Angus Systems


I’m Chris Gale, CEO of Angus Systems, which is a small software company on Leslie Street just north of Eglinton.  We are a progressive company and take pride in supporting the community around us.  In particular, we like to align ourselves with organizations that help disadvantaged women and children.

In the fall of 2015, we had the opportunity to expand our community support program. I asked our Marketing Manager, Maria Bo, to identify additional local charitable organizations that focused on helping women and/or children. We found Moorelands Kids. With a good first impression of the work Moorelands did, we made a modest donation in December 2015, with the confidence that our support would make a difference. From this point forward we couldn’t have been more impressed with the work Moorelands Kids does to help children transform their lives.

A tour to the BLAST program one afternoon in February of 2016, followed by a tour of Moorelands Camp by my wife Veronica and I that summer further confirmed the amazing work being done. We were in awe of the dedication we encountered with each staff member on the Moorelands Kids’ team. We could see that virtually every dollar we provided in support went directly to help the kids. We were impressed with how Moorelands Kids provides intentional learning experiences to kids at every opportunity. Simple things like teaching them how to paddle a canoe together. You can only paddle straight and reach your goal to the other side if you work together.

Reflecting on and sharing this camp tour experience with our children, Emily and Sarah, led to our family deciding to provide even more support to Moorelands Kids. Together with the team at Moorelands, we set the goal of providing camp opportunities to many more kids. We are absolutely thrilled with the results!

Supporting Moorelands and seeing the difference they make empowering children’s lives has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Chris & Veronica Gale

Gale Family Camper Outreach

Moorelands Kids embraced the Gale Family’s commitment to support more kids to camp and expand our outreach and family supports. Their multi-year gift was immediately put to use to provide directed SAK camperships and over 700 hours of increased outreach both across the city and among our existing families.

See how you can help too in our Matching Weeks Challenge!