Back to School is VITAL

Back to school is VITAL

Jodi loves city programs because “every day, after-school, is a great time to reach kids.” Moorelands’ after-school programs help kids, grades 1-12, build new skills and become leaders – first of themselves and then in their community.

Mike loves city programs because kids have the chance to continue to develop the leadership outcomes and habits started at camp. “Now we have an entire school year to practice the habits and outcomes that lead to real change and success.”

Together they are making changes to respond to parent’s needs, strengthen outcomes and boost the success of our young people.Jodi explains why back to school is VITAL…“Last year saw the alignment of all Moorelands program outcomes. This year we’re excited to announce that we’ve increased the physical literacy part of BLAST to 50 minutes every day. The Youth LED program will run twice a week in the first semester, so that middle-school kids won’t need to be at programs once it gets dark; and we’ve introduced a new pilot program for high school kids called VITAL – which gives them more time to practice the successful habits and outcomes of community leadership and volunteerism.”“And don’t forget the new monthly themes for BLAST or the online registration for all our families,” chimes in Mike. “Making it easier for parents to access and follow our programs is a key part of the 2017 strategy.”

At Youth LED (Lead Excel Demonstrate) and VITAL (Volunteers in Training as Leaders)participants from each program will be invited to take part in First Aid Training and certification.  “We’re glad to help provide our community leaders with potentially life-saving skills and at the same time help them continue to hone their teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills,” says Mike.

VITAL is a hands-on program, designed to help youth master the skills and character qualities they need to become leaders in their community. After a series of workshops, exploring the 3 styles of leadership and the tools required to be a great leader; youth spend the majority of program volunteering back in their community.We’ll give Jodi the last word:

“What I love about Moorelands is that everyone is walking the walk. The kids absolutely know the core values and these give them positive labels to be proud of. They realise that yes, you CAN be responsible. YOU can be a leader.”

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