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Moorelands’ hub – February 29, 2016 – introducing Jodi Thompson

Hey Moorelands!

A few weeks ago we introduced you to new Moorelands’ staff member, David Borsook.

This week we’d like to (re-)introduce you to Jodi ‘Lynx’ Thompson…

For the past 4 years, Jodi Thompson has spent her summers up at Moorelands Wilderness Camp on Kawagama Lake as a Section Head (Check her out as an ‘ooga booga’ below!) Now we’re bringing Camp to the City as Jodi takes on the role of Interim City Programs Manager.This new appointment is somewhat of a “Homecoming” for Jodi. Although she loves camp, especially leading the cheers in the dining hall (check out the video, below), it’s City Programs that have her heart. Her whole career has been about working with city kids to “give them opportunities that they otherwise would never have had.”

Jodi loves City Programs because “everyday, after-school, is a great time to reach kids.” Children and Youth, she explains – especially those from low-income neighbourhoods – get “labelled a lot and often these labels are really negative.” But what makes Moorelands’ programs so special is that they “rewrite the framework of these stories.”

“What I love about Moorelands is that everyone is walking the walk. The kids absolutely know the core values and these give them positive labels to be proud of. They realise, yes, you CAN be responsible, you CAN be a leader.”

Jodi is incredibly excited to join the Moorelands’ office team and hopes to use her role as Interim City Programs Manager to uphold Moorelands’ high standards at both our Budding Leaders After-school Teams (BLAST) program and Youth Lead, Excel Demonstrate (LED)

If you’d like to support Jodi and Moorelands’ program objectives of providing a leadership experience to kids affected by poverty, you can make a donation to City Programs by clicking here.Have a great week!

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