Moorelands VITAL

Moorelands offers VITAL (Volunteers In Training As Leaders), a youth leadership program, for high school students, grades 9 – 12, in the communities of Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park attending Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute.

Moorelands VITAL (Volunteers In Training As Leaders) program is offered throughout the year from October until June. In October, participants meet once a week for the 5-weeks of training sessions.  During these 5 training sessions, participants will develop leadership skills and positive character qualities that will prepare them to effectively work with the youth in an after school program.  Apply now online.

Following the 5 training sessions, participants will volunteer once per week in Moorelands’ BLAST Program at one of three local elementary schools.  Participants will have the opportunity to earn at least 20 hours of community service.

There is a registration cost of $15 for this program.  Registration is required.  Spaces are limited. Apply now online.

Find the VITAL Information Brochure here: VITAL Brochure 2016-2017

For more information, please call our City Programs Manager at 416-466-9987 Ext. 305 or email

Our Goal

The goal of the VITAL program is to help young people become leaders in their own lives. Participants learn leadership habits and qualities including:

  • Be Proactive
  • Set Goals & First Things First
  • Think Win/Win
  • Listen & Understand, then be Understood
  • Together is Better
  • Care for Yourself, Inside & Out
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Trustworthiness
  • Citizenship

What We Do

Lead Excel Demonstrate

Each session at program, participants develop leadership and life skills through fun, hands-on experiences such as:

  • Enjoying fun leadership skill-building workshops and games
  • Participating in public speaking and job preparedness workshops
  • Planning and implementing activities at our BLAST after-school program
  • Gaining certification in First Aid
  • Volunteering back in their community and earning vital community volunteer hours.
  • Participating in the Leadership Retreat

The Youth LED and VITAL Leadership Retreat

The Youth Leadership Retreat is intended as an opportunity for all program participants to come together and explore challenges, consolidate leadership learnings and expand their personal networks and community connections.

VITAL participants, as part of their program goals, will have input into the design and implementation of the retreat’s leadership goals and activities.  This retreat gives participants the opportunity to connect with each other, practice the skills they developed over the year and reflect on how they will continue to use their newly honed skills after the end of program.

      The 3 types of leadership  

 Authoritarian                                                  Laissez-Faire                                                Democratic