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Moorelands’ hub – March 14, 2016 – Introducing Mike Naumoff

 Hey Moorelands!

This week on the hub we’d like to introduce you to our new Programs Coordinator, Mike Naumoff.

Mike Naumoff may be new to the Moorelands’ office team but his face will certainly be familiar to many of you. From 2012 to 2013 he was the Outdoor Living Skills Coordinator at Moorelands Wilderness Camp.Everyone at Moorelands is so pleased that Mike has rejoined the team as our new Programs Coordinator. This means he’ll be working his magic at both camp and at our City Programs...

Mike’s really excited to be “back” at Moorelands. Although *technically* he’s never really been away…for the past two summers he’s been volunteering up at camp. “I could never really say goodbye!” Mike smiles.

It’s clear that for Mike, the impact that Moorelands’ programs have on kids is large and far reaching: “I believe in Moorelands. I never stopped.”

So what excites him about his new role of Programs Coordinator? “I’m really happy to be both in the city and at camp and to learn something new from city programs. The BLAST after-school program is so unique in the diversity of activities that happen every day. You learn there are so many different ways to make an impact. Plus I’m obviously so excited to get back up to camp this summer!”Mostly though, Mike is just really excited to be back at Moorelands and helping kids realise their potential. “I’ve worked at other places that have similar core values,” he explains, “but what strikes me most about being back at Moorelands is that staff are trained really well in these values so everyone is actually doing what we say we do.”

“Working at programs…you’re always amazed by what kids are capable of and what they don’t even know they are capable of and watching them succeed.”

Mike is especially pumped to “bring camp to the city” – there’s so much, he explains, “that the two sides of Moorelands can learn from one another.” Mike’s really pleased to be a part of bringing the two sides together.Reminiscing about camp, Mike remembers one of his all time favourite skits: “Tenty the Tent” (the tent that has it’s own Facebook page by the way…). One day Mike and the other camp staff were trying to think up a way to teach campers how to keep their campsite clean on camp outs. They stumbled across an old tent that was bound for the trash and fixed it up with holes in the bottom so a staff member could crawl inside to become the personification of camping. And so “Tenty the Tent” was born! Mike laughs at the memory of dragging his old pal, Tenty, around on a leash like a dog while Tenty appologised for making a mess to the howls of campers and staff alike…It’s great to have you back on the team, Mike! Who knows, maybe Tenty will make a camp comeback this year…

Have a great week!

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