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6 Tips for Building Healthier Relationships in 2022

The relationships and connections we build and maintain with people around us enhances our everyday life experiences. Whether it is with family, friends, teachers, or colleagues, the positive relationships we foster can help increase our feelings of happiness. However, building healthy relationships takes both time and effort; here are 6 tips for you to keep in mind when it comes to building healthier relationships in 2022!

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Tip 1: Strong Communication

Open communication with others is essential in maintaining a strong healthy relationship. Misunderstandings can (and will) happen, but it is important that you talk things out clearly, listen to each other respectfully, and be understanding of each other’s feelings.

Tip 2: Respect Each Other

Having mutual respect for one another and treating others the same way you want to be treated can help build healthier relationships because it enhances feelings of safety. Despite potential disagreements or conflicts, you must appreciate each other’s differences and work towards resolving problems peacefully. This mutual respect will go a long way to enhance your relationships with others!

Tip 3: Consider and Understand Each Other

When building healthy relationships, you and the other person must be considerate of each other by actively listening and sharing thoughts or feelings when appropriate. Whether it’s during positive or negative moments, learn to understand each other’s perspectives. This way, you can learn to work through misunderstandings and make your healthy relationship even stronger!

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Tip 4: Set Boundaries

By outlining your boundaries in a relationship (what you are comfortable with), you outline your own needs and levels of comfortability for the other person. It is important to be considerate of each other’s boundaries and limits when building a healthy relationship. According to licensed therapist Amanda White, “boundaries are the glue that holds all relationships together.”

Tip 5: Establish Mutual Support

By establishing mutual support, you and the other person can feel secure in your healthy relationship. This way, you can be there for each other through both the good times and bad!

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Tip 6: Be Positive

Despite perhaps experiencing conflicts or misunderstandings, a healthy relationship should be positive—one where you feel a sense of happiness and joy. Enjoying the time that you spend talking and/or hanging out with each other is what determines a healthy relationship!

Use these 6 tips to help build and sustain healthy relationships with those around you!

by Cindy Liu and Kyle Dedecker

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