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Setting Growth Goals for 2022; Personal Growth Audit Part 2

A major part of ending the year is setting growth goals for 2022, which starts with a personal growth audit. While reflecting on the past is important, it’s equally important to keep moving forward. After all, if you only focus on the past, you’ll miss your future.

When it is time for an audit at major companies, they require adjustments to be made after the examination process. Moorelands wants to help you continue auditing 2021 with the following tips for setting growth goals for 2022.

Adjust your 2021 Personal Goals

If you have the same goals that you did in 2021, try to modify them or enhance them for 2022. You are not the same person that you were when you wrote your goals in 2021, so look at the measurements you made of your personal growth. This will help you understand where you are now and evaluate if you truly want the same growth goals.

Some practical ideas for adjusting your goals may look like the following:

  • writing down what did and didn’t work in the previous year;
  • using different goal setting methods (For example, SMART, WOOP & HARD );
  • changing the time frame (is it long term or short term?);
  • and completely removing some from the list.

It may seem like a crazy idea to get rid of your growth goals, but sometimes they represent who you used to be rather than who you are trying to become. When you are unsure about this, it might be helpful to consult the people you trust. This does not mean to follow what advice they give you, but to use their thoughts as a fresh perspective.

Setting your Personal Growth Goals

Moorelands Kids has many posts with helpful information on goal tracking. Some key information to remember when setting your personal growth goals for 2022 are as follows:

  1. Define your goals – explain what they are and why you are trying to attain them. This will give your goal meaning so it doesn’t just seem like another task you have to complete.
  2. Make your goals tangible – you should be able to see and feel your personal growth goals. What does this mean? Well see and feel the things you write down on paper or sticky notes, for example – a good way to keep track of your goals. This will highlight them so that you repeat them in your subconscious.
  3. Find an accountability partner – Moorelands is huge on community because we see how powerful it is in attaining goals. This translates to personal growth and setting goals as well! Have someone encourage you to keep pushing forward in attaining your goal. An accountability partner also provides feedback and perspective when things don’t seem to be going well, which is extremely valuable on this personal growth journey.
  4. Be reasonable and take your time – personal growth is just as it states – growth. Growing means that there will be growing pains and other obstacles along the way. If your personal growth audit for 2021 tells you anything, it is that we change! Be prepared for your goal (and yourself) to continue changing in the future.
  5. Reward yourself – Choose an award for achieving certain steps towards your goal. Setting this before will ensure you have something to look forward to. This motivates you more with every step you take closer to attaining your goal.

Stay Motivated

If you haven’t realized yet, there is a recurring theme when it comes to personal growth and goal setting…that is motivation! In both your personal audits it is crucial that you ask yourself, “Does this goal motivate me?”

While motivation is incorporated is crucial for your personal audits, another important factor is creativity.

kids being creative, example of motivation

Being creative in setting your goals can be really simple. Find a planner, worksheet or template that you (actually) enjoy. Sometimes we just need a creative template to keep us motivated. You can always google some templates or click here for some handouts that might help you.

Once you’ve gotten started on setting your personal growth goals for 2022, then you have successfully completed part 2 of the personal growth audit! You can get started on working on your goals and looking forward to the future. Remember, life is full of ups and downs so be kind to yourself. At Moorelands Kids we like to say, take care of yourself inside and out; we care about you!

by Angel Persaud and Kyle Dedecker

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