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Why Helping Others will Help You

It’s common knowledge that it is good to help others. We often feel relieved at solving our problem, positive about ourselves, grateful for those who care for us. We become inclined to pay it forward and share these good feelings by helping someone else. But what are the benefits to ourselves when we help others?

As you care for others, you build confidence and inspire others and here at Moorelands Kids, we value service leadership.

When we help others we feel good about ourselves. Sometimes when we see someone in need we can relate to a time when we needed help ourselves. Being able to do something helpful for someone else makes another person feel good often has a similar result on the person helping. In helping others we also feel more confident that someone will help us when we need it in the future.


We build confidence when we can solve a problem or lend a hand. When you help others, you feel good about yourself, your abilities, and your talents. People have different strengths, skills and experiences. Working together and pooling all these different strengths and skills can make problem-solving much easier. Next time you’re faced with a similar situation, you might feel better equipped to handle it.

When we help others by giving back to the community we have the opportunity to gain new experiences and skills. As well as meeting new friends and mentors! Volunteering is a great way to develop transferable skills that will be useful in the workplace, it will also look great on a resume!


Helping others is inspiring! Helping others is not limited to direct problem solving for others. There are many ways to help others, beginning with service leadership.

What is service leadership? At Moorelands Kids, we define leadership as the ability to guide, direct or influence people through our actions and responses. Service leadership is an opportunity for one to build on their inner strength too!


  • be a good role model
  • give back to your community
  • volunteer

One way to learn more about being a community leader and having a positive impact is the Moorelands Kids’ VITAL (Volunteers In Training As Leaders) program!

Moorelands Kids’ VITAL provides high-school students with the opportunity to develop personal leadership skills. This includes positive character qualities, improving public speaking and other job-related skills. The program runs from October through to June. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the VITAL program operated virtually. They met virtually once a week with mentors and experienced staff leaders. This year they developed their communication skills, responsibility and trust.

In Spring 2021, the VITAL participants had the opportunity to use their skills. They planned and led two of Moorelands Kids’ Festive Fridays. The VITAL participants created a fun and engaging opportunity for the younger campers that included games, skits, and jokes. Volunteering has a positive impact on both the older and younger participants. They foster a sense of community, which is so important during these challenging times.

Learn more about Moorelands Kids’ VITAL program here.

A new and exciting version of VITAL will return in fall 2021. Stay connected to Moorelands through our social media and website for upcoming announcements!

by Aly Tomas

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