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4 Things to do for Back to School Success

Heading back to school after the long summer break can bring stress and uncertainty to the season. So Moorelands Kids has come up with a list of 4 things to do for back-to-school success!

To succeed… set a routine

Summer often looks like late nights and sleeping in, which makes the transition from summer to school difficult. To achieve back-to-school success, it is crucial to set a routine.

A routine for back to school (and anytime, really) will involve:

  • setting a sleep schedule
  • meal planning
  • taking time to de-stress (for example, drawing, stretching, listening to calming music, etc)

Northwestern Medicine indicates that setting a routine will help parents and kids alike stay organized!

A routine looks like creating habits that help you sleep better, eat better and stress less.

To succeed… eliminate distractions

If you ever feel like you’re in an overwhelming space and can’t focus, it’s often because there are numerous distractions. One of the things to do for back-to-school success begins by eliminating the distractions that pull you from what you need to focus on, including setting a routine.

To eliminate distractions you need to…

  • Self-care – take care of your mind first so you won’t be focused on everything at the same time
  • Avoid entertainment/social media during “productive” hours
  • Rotate chores around the house
  • Put away clutter!
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To succeed… plan and prepare

Something kids and adults are both wondering about in back to school season is what to expect. Some articles discuss planning and preparing as visiting the school and/or meeting the teacher(s).

With the uncertainty of the season, Moorelands Kids recognizes that it would be beneficial to go through the class schedule and syllabus, imagining it in your daily routine. When you start to imagine it, schooling doesn’t seem so surprising or stressful. Try to visualize what some of the challenges could be based on your schedule, syllabus and your past experiences. Brainstorm ideas for how you might overcome them so that you are prepared if they arise. By putting a plan in place, you set yourself up for success throughout the school year!

To succeed… join extra-curriculars

Moorelands Kids emphasizes the importance of community in all aspects of life, back to school season is no exception!

Extra-curricular and after-school programs help foster resilience and growth. After-school programs build connections to help youth grow in a supportive environment. There is no pressure to be the best and kids can grow in their health and wellness, all while having fun!

back to school kids having fun and succeeding

Back to school season can be stressful, but with these 4 things to do for back-to-school success, Moorelands Kids wants to support you.

We care about families, parents and kids, wanting to empower you to succeed. We believe that being part of Moorelands helps set kids up for success in all seasons – especially back-to-school. Read about how we do just that here.

by Angel Persaud

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