FUN can be LEARNING too! How Extracurricular Activities Set Kids Up for School Success

Extracurricular activities like sports, art classes or music lessons are not just super fun and a chance for kids to make friends; they are also a great opportunity to ensure that learning and education doesn’t end when school is done for the day!

Extra-curricular activities are fun, enjoyable and can help provide the memories your child will hold onto for a lifetime. There are many reasons why your child should join extra-curricular activities:

Moorelands Kids is committed to supporting children to succeed in life. Our team continues to keep work and help empower children and youth to overcome these barriers to achieving success through a range of programs that offer different extracurricular activities.

Virtual programs have been running throughout summer offering community, friendships and fun , skill-building activities at NO COST! Our regular LED, VITAL and BLAST programs have the aim of developing leadership skills and our Habits and Qualities through fun programming and extracurricular activities.  

Our programs are online this fall and are offered at no cost to participants!

Learn more about our online after-school programs that offer kids exciting community experiences to learn and grow in the online world.

Check out some of the fun we had this summer in our online camp programs!

This fall, school will be different for kids.  But their need to learn and grow continues…

Extracurricular activities are essential for the learning and development of a child and although, traditional channels of activities might not be possible this year, educational and community based organizations such as Moorelands Kids are working hard to adapt them for your child’s maximum benefit and safety.

by Muhammad Shahmir Masood – Digital Communications and Development Intern

Learn more about the amazing work Moorelands Kids does to support the community and develop extracurricular activities for kids.

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