Staff Spotlight: Bugzy’s Journey with Moorelands

As we shared recently in myMoorelands, working with Moorelands Kids has become a valuable career stepping stone for many students who are hoping to gain practical hands-on experience working with vulnerable youth. We connected with one of our program staff, Bugzy, to follow her journey with Moorelands.

Bugzy was seeking an internship during her second year of undergraduate studies in Child and Youth Care when she heard about Moorelands Kids. Due to the pandemic, she was struggling to find a relevant opportunity that was hands-on rather than in class or online. After watching a presentation given by Camp Director David, she was convinced that Moorelands was the place to be.

Moorelands programs were built using established education frameworks that students like Bugzy learn about in their studies, and Moorelands Camp gives them an opportunity to put them into practice. The staff becomes valuable role models for our participants, and they see the impact of their work every day. This experience often fosters individual leadership development and lifelong friendships within the staff group.

“At Moorelands, I get to see young people transform into confident leaders alongside some of the best people I’ve met. That’s the best part; I’m not doing it alone.”

Moorelands makes a concerted effort to leave staff with more knowledge and experience than they came with. We believe in living our values throughout the organization, and that means holding our staff to the same goals and growth we ask of our kids. Bugzy found this to be one of her favourite parts of working with Moorelands.

“Being part of Moorelands Kids means you get to be part of their positive impact on young people’s lives, but even more, it means the young people will have just as much impact on you,” says Bugzy. “As a staff member, I am held accountable and encouraged to grow in the same Leadership Habits & Qualities that I teach the kids, throughout all parts of my life. I’m not only continuously becoming a better person, but I get to empower kids in a curriculum that I believe in and am empowered by myself.”

After working at Moorelands Camp, Bugzy worked on our communications team and has continued to empower marginalized youth through our after-school programs year-round. She is thankful for the support she received and is certain she will continue to use learnings from Moorelands in her education career now and in the future.

“The intentionality of program planning, the skillsets I’ve developed from doing paperwork and the leadership skills I’ve learned from the curriculum have all played a role in how I interact with my peers, co-workers, and the children and youth in my field.”

We asked Bugzy what she would say to someone who is considering working with Moorelands:

“You will take this experience with you wherever you go. If you’re considering becoming a program staff then do it, but make sure you bring the best version of yourself and you are ready to grow just as much as the kids will.”

We are currently hiring our Moorelands Camp summer staff. Interested in joining the team?

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