Why Join Moorelands Monthly?

Why are monthly gifts so important to us?

Funding Stability –Typically, we experience waves of donations around key campaigns in the year (Giving Tuesday, Send a Kid to Camp, etc.) that do not always coincide with costs associated with our programs. By dispersing your contributions over 12 months, you allow us to establish stable funding year-round for our community. This allows us to have confidence in knowing that a steady stream of revenue will be in hand each year, in order for us to meet our program and camp commitments for children and youth.

Saves on Fundraising Costs – Although we love to connect with our donors during special events throughout the year, large-scale campaigns often take time and resources away from executing our mission. With automatic payments, we also save administration time when processing monthly donations. Moorelands Monthly donors allow us to focus on empowering kids, cut down on fundraising costs, and make every donation go a little farther. 

Makes Giving Accessible to More People – As you may know, Moorelands Kids is supported almost entirely by donations made by individuals, with less than 2% of our revenue coming from the government. Moorelands Monthly allows individuals who are interested in donating to do so over the course of a year rather than all at once.  This allows us to connect with donors who may not have thought philanthropy was in their budget.

“Although it isn’t much, I want to contribute what I can for another child to have that experience, because I know it will be a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.” – Maggie, Moorelands Camp Alumni and Moorelands Monthly Donor

What Moorelands Monthly Can Give You:

Donation Flexibility – Did you know you are able to change the amount or cancel your donations at any time? This means you can slowly build up your Moorelands Kids donations based on your financial situation throughout the year rather than decide at once the amount you will contribute.

Maintained Control of Your Fund Distributions – When you become a Moorelands Monthly donor, you still have the option to choose if you would like to attribute those funds to a specific program every month (such as Christmas Sharing, Send a Kid to Camp, etc.)or if you would like us to use the funds where they are most needed (Resilient Kids Fund.)

Control over your expenses – Moorelands monthly allows you to budget donations on a monthly basis and may help you to visualize what amount to donate to Moorelands in comparison to other expenses. Steady gifts over a year can allow you to give what you want without the end-of-year tax-receipt stress or cash flow issues.

“Since we are committed to supporting the work of this organization, it makes sense to us that we would donate using the monthly giving program so that it never gets missed. It is easier for both us and Moorelands to plan when there is a regular set amount.” – Amy and Brian, Moorelands Monthly Donors

Consolidated Tax Receipts – for Moorelands Monthly donors, although you will be charged every month, you will receive one consolidated tax receipt at the end of the year. Should you wish to make an additional contribution at any point during the year, you will get another tax receipt at that point.  All of the flexibility, no additional hassle.

You can join Moorelands Monthly giving program online here. If you would prefer to become a monthly donor using a VOID cheque, which saves us transactions feeds, please call us in the office at 416-466-9987 ext. 314 or send us an email.

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