Moorelands Kids’ Secret to Sourcing Staff!

David Shares His Expertise as a Speaker at the American Camp Association (ACA) Staffing Summit

Working in the industry for over ten years, our Moorelands Camp Director, David Borsook, has learned a thing or two about how to proactively recruit program staff. As you may know, Moorelands Kids staff are the backbone of all our programs, changing our kids’ lives with their guidance and support. As David spoke about at the ACA Staffing Summit, a big part of securing amazing staff every year has been building meaningful development funnels.

Many individuals join us as staff after attending Moorelands Camp in their formative years and these individuals are a perfect example of how our programs inspire future leaders. Others come from camp job fairs, university placements and international employment agencies. They go through intensive training to become trusted Moorelands ambassadors. Although it can be a tough job at times, they build lifelong friendships and gain invaluable experience.

In fact, Moorelands Camp has become a stepping stone for many youth who are pursuing a career in education, social work or elsewhere. With Moorelands, they gain experience working with a diverse group of children of all ages. Many of the Moorelands programs are designed using established developmental frameworks that students learn while working towards an education or social work degree, allowing them to put their education into practice. Our senior staff members also teach how best to represent this role on future resumes. David will be speaking again about staffing strategies at the Ontario Camp Association Conference in March!

“It is rare to find a work environment that offers as much support as Moorelands does, and thankfully I’ve had that support and the teachings of the Leadership HQs to confidently advocate for the needs of young people and to have tough conversations with my colleagues in my workspaces.” Bugzy, After-School and Moorelands Camp Staff

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