Moorelands Goes Green

Our Intentional Stewardship of Resources

Moorelands Kids has sustained growth since 1912 through the development of best practices in the stewardship of people, places and programs. This is reflected in our ability to adapt and embrace change whether it is planned or arrives as an unexpected guest.

Moorelands Kids as an organization plans to modernize some of our operations in order to maintain growth. As such, in 2023 we will begin to reduce our environmental costs with less physical mailings, including myMoorelands and the Annual Report. Both of these will primarily transition to a digital format shared via email, and will be available on our website.

If you are subscribed to our email updates, you will receive these mailings automatically. In order to become an email subscriber, please visit

However, should you wish to receive a physical copy of myMoorelands and the Annual Report, please complete and return the insert included in this mailing, with your preference to opt for MAIL.

In addition, the full-sized Annual Report including donor names will be shared on our website this year, but any physical mailings or emailed communications will show a condensed version with all the most pertinent information.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to embark on a more sustainable path forward for Moorelands Kids!

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  1. I have been a long time supporter and intend to continue. I also support other charities. I do find it frustrating to continue to receive mailings from more or less all of these charities often with so called gifts included (pens, cards etc). I wish there was a way to op out.

    1. Good morning Dan! Thanks for reaching out and we appreciate your continued support and faith in our mission. We totally agree, and we are changing our communication methods in 2023. No need to opt-out of physical mailing, as all communications will move to a digital format (through email and on our website) unless specifically requested. Thanks again!

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