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Christmas Sharing – The Gift of Opportunity

When you take part in Christmas Sharing, you’re not just making the Holidays happen and spreading festive cheer, but you’re helping kindle a fire of ambition and purpose in the children we serve, setting them on a path to dream big and pursue their goals. Christmas Sharing – the gift of opportunity!

Just ask Laurette McLaren whose daughters, Irahs (age 13) and Sage (age 15), were campers in our online programs this summer and have both been attending camp since age 8:

 “What’s so special about Mooreland Kids’ Christmas Sharing is the fact that the kids get to choose things they are interested in. Both my daughters have big ambitions, so they always pick things to help with their futures.

Sage is really interested in law and psychology. She wants to take a psychology course post high school, so last year she put “Psychology for Dummies” on her wish list. She was so stoked when she unwrapped that book on Christmas day!  In previous years they’ve received gifts like a French-English Dictionary which was so helpful for their studies – I’m always so impressed by the amazing job your donors do in fulfilling their Christmas lists!

The kids appreciate it so much too. It’s not just about toys – you’re giving them tools to help with their future. We’re all so grateful for this opportunity.”

In fact, Laurette is grateful for all the opportunities that Moorelands Kids’ programs provide.

Since Sage has been in camp, she’s been displaying a lot of leadership qualities – she’s become very responsible and organized – she’s really matured. Irahs is not as outgoing as her older sister and your programs have been especially beneficial for her. She was terrified of the pandemic.

“Moorelands Camp really came through for us. It helped both of them escape the lockdown when they felt helpless – it gave them a sense of community and made them feel that they weren’t alone. 

I’m so thankful that your programs exist to give extra supports online. My biggest concern is for their mental health; before your online programs, they were beginning to become depressed but Moorelands helped them snap out of it and be able to enjoy being kids again.”

Laurette’s family has been going through some difficult times. Like many people, the pandemic has affected her income. Being disabled and working part time in the service industry, she’s lost access to work opportunities. And it’s not just the financial impact, being unable to go to work has been socially isolating too. That’s why your support throughout the year for Laurette, Irahs and Sage is so important. Moorelands’ programs alleviate some of Laurette’s concerns for her family and the impact on Iris and Sage is invaluable:

I’d like your donors to know that their support is going to a really good place. Moorelands is a really excellent tool for young people and not only for the time that they are actually in the programs. You’re giving kids the opportunity to build skills that will help for their future. You’ve been there for my girls from a very young age. You’ve helped shape their character and inspired them to plan for their futures. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our program: Christmas Sharing – the gift of opportunity. If you would like another way to support kids in our program, please consider making a donation below.

Keep Kids Resilient & Strong!

“It’s not just about toys – you’re giving them
tools to help with their future!”
– Laurette, Christmas Sharing parent

Please donate and help us continue to develop kids’ resiliency throughout some of Toronto’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods.

Christmas Sharing the gift of opportunity

Please note a stock photo has been used to protect the family’s privacy.

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