Giving Tuesday 2020

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Moorelands kids’ are giving back!

After-school program kids are giving back this #GivingTuesday!

Please share the videos below to share the laughs, positivity and encouragement of our after-school program kids!

Blast kids give the gift of laughter:

Led give the gift of positivity:

VITAL give the gift of encouragement:

Your impact

We know that kids from low-income families face an opportunity gap and so do our generous friends over at the Ward Family Foundation. The effects of poverty go beyond just the financial. Poverty impacts a child’s self-esteem, social interactions, relationships and mental and physical health. Read Farid’s story and see why your support matters!

Your donation will be used to keep kids connected to our fun skills-building programs, equipping them with the experiences, qualities and skills they need to succeed and thrive as happy and healthy caring citizens. Thank you!

How After-school Kids Are Giving Back on Giving Tuesday 2020!

Giving Tuesday 2020 BLAST gift of laughter

BLAST are Giving the Gift of Laughter

BLAST – Gift of Laughter

We’re creating a video compilation of kids telling jokes to spread some cheer as the cold nights draw in and people are distanced from their family and friends. We call it the “Try Not to Laugh Challenge!”.

Giving Tuesday 2020 LED

LED are Giving the Gift of Positivity

LED – Gift of Positivity

Our middler schoolers are creating, crafting or sharing a positive message to inspire other kids across the globe! Share their message on Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday 2020 VITAL

VITAL are Giving Encouragement

VITAL – Gift of Encouragement 

We’re challenging our participants to find people in our community to encourage. New immigrants? Older people? First responders? Those struggling with self-image, or discrimination? Our young community builders will be problem solving ways to help and encourage online. Stay tuned!