Visitors’ Day 2015

Moorelands Wilderness Camp Visitors’ Day 2015

How has the Moorelands Camp experience changed?

Friday August 7th 2015  was so very exciting because it was our Visitors’ Day! Moorelands Camp welcomed over 40 past campers, counsellors, supporters and their families to explore the Island and learn about the camp.  Alumni reunited and shared stories and memories; family, friends and supporters were amazed by the fantastic quality of programming at camp and everyone was enchanted by the magic of Moorelands’ Wilderness Camp. Check out the gallery below:

Don’t stop there. Come out and walk for Moorelands at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday, Oct 18th, 2015. Create your own camp team and  Get On Your Feet for Moorelands!

At Moorelands Wilderness Camp we receive over 600 children & youth aged 8-16 every summer. These kids come from underserved communities all across Toronto. For many, Moorelands Wilderness Camp provides an oasis of stability, fun and learning. Wilderness  Camp, combined with our Moorelands City Programs, provide a continuum of critically acclaimed, evidence-based programs for over 1100 children and youth.

At Moorelands Wilderness Camp:

We believe that all youth have strengths, regardless of their background or life situation.

We believe that children and youth can grow and flourish when their strengths are aligned with the benefits of our intentional, quality programs.

We focus on understanding, educating, and engaging children and youth in productive activities rather than fixing, curing, or treating them.

Moorelands Camp Objectives are to provide:

  • Opportunities for campers to build self-esteem and confidence through fun recreational activities
  • Opportunities for campers to build life skills including problem solving, goal setting, decision making, team work and friend making
  • Opportunities for campers to learn practical camp related skills and experience success
  • Positive role models and opportunities for campers to learn and practice positive character qualities
  • The experience of good relationships with peers and a mentor
  • Positive memories of the camping experience

The Moorelands’ Mission Statement

At Moorelands, we recognize the inherent value of all children and youth. We work with Toronto’s children and youth affected by poverty, to provide them with positive and fun experiences to help strengthen their confidence, competence and character.






  1. Hi. I know the deadline has passed but I was wondering if I could join on vistors day.I’m a past staff member. Food isn’t an issue because I will be bringing my own. Thanks

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