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True Leadership is the Ability to Influence Others – ED’s Report Fall 2019

of camp spaces were filled this summer!

Including 113 projectDIVE! campers who deepened their leadership learning over two sessions at camp.

of campers will be leaders back home!

Eighty-five percent of campers told us they would use their new Moorelands Kids’ life & leadership skills back home in the city!

Thank You for Demonstrating True Leadership

Lynda Tilley Executive Director
Lynda Tilley, Executive Director

Through your support of the Send a Kid to Camp (SAK) campaign this summer, you made transformation possible for Ray, Letitia – and room for 692 others – by giving them the new skills they need to reach their potential. Now that's true leadership!

Our kids got to celebrate all things camp. Instead of being stuck in hot apartments, entertained by TV and video games, they were learning to swim, singing camp songs, making new friends and learning to navigate by canoe, kayak and paddle-board. All these amazing experiences allowed us to give kids access to real and life-changing leadership Habits & Qualities, to a transformational invitation to empower themselves.

I’m so grateful to all our SAK writers, donors and event makers. You champion Moorelands Camp in your actions and in your communities and are true leaders. You help us bring this life-changing camp experience to children who really need it. In this myMoorelands, you’ll read all about the ability of leadership to transform. You’ll read about our kids’ leadership adventures, the power of one person’s leadership as in Karin Ibscher’s adventurous swim, the leadership of a community group in the Starry Summer Night Committee’s commitment and TD Bank Group’s thoughts on the need for leadership training in the early years. 

You’ll also learn about the fantastic success of projectDIVE! – two weeks at camp for deeper leadership development and how you are empowering future leaders like Jacob, age 11.

Without a doubt, summer camp is an amazing, empowering adventure. But back home in the city, young people face many continuing challenges and barriers to success. Just imagine if a child could access the kind of support they get at Moorelands Camp back home in Toronto, year-round…

That’s what our city, after-school leadership programs offer to kids in underserved neighbourhoods.  In this edition of myMoorelands you’ll meet Sarah, a camper and LED leadership participant. I hope you’ll read Sarah’s story and see the essential role our after-school programs play in helping kids achieve great results throughout the year. I’m asking you to kick-start Sarah’s school year success. Please continue to support a Moorelands’ participant through their school year.

At Moorelands Kids, we believe that true leadership is about the ability of one to influence others around them. Thank you for being a leader.  Thank you for empowering the next generation of leaders through your action and support. None of this would be possible without you.


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Lynda Tilley
Executive Director, Moorelands Kids

Kick-start Sarah's School Year Success!

With your help, Moorelands Kids is able to offer year-round support through our after-school leadership programs, family programs and Moorelands Camp – support that is critically important for kids’ continued growth and school year success.

You are empowering True Leadership

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