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Kick-start Sarah’s School Year Success!

The things you learn at Moorelands Kids help with almost everything!”

Sarah, Moorelands Kids’ camper and LED participant.

After a summer of fun, Moorelands Kids’ campers are back to school.

The new school year brings opportunity… but it can also bring challenges for the children we serve. While at camp, and out of their familiar environment, the invitation to absorb the Moorelands Kids Leadership Habits & Qualities is often happily accepted. Back home in the city, change can be hard. One camper who is eager to return to our city, after-school LED program is Sarah, age 13, a camper who had an amazing time at Moorelands Kids this summer. 

“Effective after-school programs can improve classroom behaviour , school attendance, academic aspirations, and can reduce the likelihood that a student will drop out.”

school year success

Sarah gets in trouble at school because, “most of the time people say I’m a bit extra…Going to Moorelands Kids’ programs year-round, helps her a lot. Her mom, Lorrie, learned about our camp and after-school programs from outreach at Sarah’s school. She likes our focus on leadership development: “I knew this would be something Sarah could benefit from,” so last year she signed her up for the new LED program at Humber Summit in September 2018.

Sarah attended both semesters of LED and found it really improved her performance at school: “I like LED because it’s fun, but it also helped me become more respectful and it taught me how to communicate properly. The things you learn at Moorelands Kids help with almost everything!  I didn’t really know how to express myself without getting into trouble before, but now I stop and try to think ahead. It’s helped me plan and set goals for myself in school. I get in trouble less now and can focus better on what we’re doing in class.

Sarah’s proud of how she’s grown because of Moorelands Kids. “This summer I got to camp for my second year and got a leadership award for caring. Now I know that a leader is someone who helps others; someone who shows younger kids what to do by how you act and being a good example.”  

YOU have helped Sarah grow at camp; will you power her continued growth by supporting her through her city after-school Moorelands Kids’ LED experience?

With your help, Moorelands Kids is able to offer year-round support through our after-school leadership programs, family programs and Moorelands Camp – support that is critically important for kids’ continued growth and school year success.

school year success because of partners

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