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After-School Staff Training 2019

Our after-school programs are staffed by passionate social service/child & youth workers and students. We are grateful to Scotiabank for their generous funding for our after-school staff training. Training takes place over three sessions in September and it is RIGOROUS!

At Moorelands Kids we are intentional. Our BLAST, LED, and VITAL leadership programs offer fun and educational after-school activities for Toronto kids.  Underpinning everything we do at our programs is the desire to teach children and youth the life skills, leadership skills, and positive character qualities they need to succeed in life. We make sure that our staff receives the training and support they need to empower kids with new skills throughout the year.


Moorelands Kids defines leadership as the ability to guide, direct or influence people through our own actions and responses. We believe in service leadership… that leadership is not about power or position, but rather, leaders give others hope, encouragement and determination.

In order to facilitate this, we hold intensive leadership training sessions and workshops in our office. These are designed not only to train staff in best practices for childcare, fun activities and child development but also to be intentional, 100% of the time. Every activity they will lead during program time will have two levels of learning. The first will be a tangible skill; such as learning to bake black bean brownies. However, there will also be a powerful second level of learning: the socio-emotional learning skills that set them up to succeed. For example, in the black bean brownie example, the children will also be learning about wellbeing through healthy choices; working together; and goal setting by learning how to follow instructions and stay on track. Team members are taught how to lead powerful debriefs after each activity to draw out this second level of learning.

Achieving More Together

Our after-school staff training culminates in a training weekend at our beautiful overnight summer camp in the Algonquin Highlands. Here we focus on team building and creating strong, supportive connections between staff. As well as regular training and development sessions with their managers throughout the year, they will also support each other to be the best team they can be for the children we serve. One great example of this is in the crate stacking activity on the high ropes course. In the pics below, you will see the staff working together and doing their share to achieve an awesome feat: the highest crate stacking record ever achieved at Moorelands Camp in its 102-year history!

Our after-school staff team is super excited to get back into programs and we are looking forward to supporting them in their continued growth throughout the year!

Check out the pics from after-school staff training 2019

after-school programs training sponsored by scotiabank
Our thanks to Scotiabank for their support of our staff training.

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