Karin Ibscher and camper

Congrats to Karin Ibscher on Her Triumphant Kawagama Lake Swim!

Thank you, Karin

Huge congratulations and thanks to Karin Ibscher on completing her epic swim! Karin’s impact has been tremendous.  At the time of going to print, she has surpassed her goal of sending 20 kids to camp and raised $24,787 and introduced 137 new people to the life-changing magic of Moorelands Camp. But what’s more, she’s been an amazing role model to our kids, showing them what it truly means to be a leader and the difference one person can make in a community.

Even though she’s achieved so much, she’s not done yet… Karin explains, “I enjoyed my time in the water, seeing the shoreline from a different perspective, learning some of the history of the lake and meeting some wonderful folks so much that I’ve extended my fundraising efforts to November 2 in an attempt to send another child to camp!”

See what Karin has planned next by following her Facebook page. Find it at www.moorelands.ca/karins-swim/

Karin, from all of us at Moorelands Kids: THANK YOU!

The Starry Summer Night Bash 2019

Even though the Starry Summer Night Committee took this year off to focus on the 2020 event, they knew they had to try and keep the momentum going. So the windows were polished. Spaces were cleared and the 2019 SSN Committee, Co-Chaired by Brenda Norfolk and Michael Wiebe, invited a few friends to attend a private event, hosted at the cottage residence of Michael and Lee Anne Wiebe. The committee issued a SAK challenge to all who attended and were delighted to have the challenge met, to thunderous applause – or was it just the thunderstorms! Nothing slows these dedicated volunteers down and donations are still raining in.

THANK YOU to Brenda and Michael and the committee made up of Lesley and Doug Paul, Dave Fortier, Doug Clare, Sandy Raskopf and Lee Anne Wiebe!

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