Supporting youth year-round

Supporting Youth Year-Round – ED’s Report Fall 2021

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“My favourite part of online camp was seeing people and actually getting to
socialize after everything…”

Astra, camper age 12

When we asked our kids what they most enjoyed about our online camp this summer, over and over again they told us that they enjoyed “the cabin time activities” and “interacting with people and playing fun games” – really, just the opportunity to be “together.”

This speaks to the heart of what you’ve made possible this past summer – and indeed throughout the whole pandemic. Through your support of Moorelands Kids, you’ve given lonely, isolated kids the chance to engage with peers and caring adults. Because of you, they feel less alone, more resilient and more connected to a caring community. In your myMoorelands, you’ll read more about the impact you’ve made and how, thanks to the expertise of our amazing staff team, we were able to create 6 weeks of high quality, intentional programming plus an additional week of a 3D Modelling Camp.

And yet our work as a community is ongoing.

As many kids return to school in person for the first time this fall, the educational gap – made wider by the pandemic – threatens their success. The majority of our parents have told us that they are concerned about another year of online school and the detrimental impacts on their child’s education, so they are sending their children back. However, concerns over the Delta variant mean that they do not want their kids to participate in extra-curricular activities in person.

I’m excited to share in the following pages how, with your support, we will reach more vulnerable youth with a new hybrid VITAL high-school program that will see Moorelands make ongoing use of online and in-person programming to reach kids across the city.

I’m so grateful to you for being a part of our community and for the enriching support you make possible. Donate today to keep kids learning and growing year-round. And Thank YOU, for empowering kids with the tools and strategies they need to succeed both in summer and when back to school.

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Lynda Tilley

Executive Director | Moorelands Kids

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