Hamza with her BLAST friends

Moorelands BLAST gives Families Peace of Mind

Nancy Stewart sits down with the Siddiqui/Moins family to talk BLAST!

For the Siddiqui/Moin family, Moorelands’ BLAST program (Budding Leaders After-School Teams) has had a positive effect on family life. Abdul really appreciates that his 10 year old twins, Hamza and Sana, get homework support and usually have their work completed before coming home. “It gives us more time for family and we don’t have to fight with them to do their work.” Zaibunnisa has noticed an improvement in how her children interact. “Their communication is absolutely improving. They know how to get along, to respect and express feelings. They work and play well together. When there are issues, they find solutions.”

As for Hamza and Sana, they can’t say enough good things about their time at BLAST! “I have made lots of new friends,” says Sana. “Even though we are different ages, we all think of each other as friends.” Sana shared how, while learning European handball, she and her teammates learned to set goals, cooperate and communicate. “We had to remember to pass the ball and to not forget all our teammates.”Hamza says that BLAST has helped him “physically and mentally”. He, too, has enjoyed learning to play handball, but he especially enjoyed the Egg Drop Challenge. His team won, barely, but Hamza says, “Win or lose, I wouldn’t care because I would know I tried my best. It would still be win-win for me.”With both parents working, Moorelands BLAST program gives Abdul and Zaibunnisa peace of mind knowing their children are being well-cared for. “It’s a safe community,” says Sana. “If I have a bad school day,” says Hamza, “Moorelands makes me feel better. I love ending the week with Moorelands.”


By Nancy Stewart

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