Active games at Moorelands BLAST

Fighting the Cold with Active Games

Cold? Not us!

Despite the chilly weather, BLAST kids leaped at the chance to get their blood pumping outdoors with some super fun, active games. At Moorelands BLAST, participants spend a minimum of 50 minutes engaged in physical activity each day. We know that this active time is really important. It helps our participants stay healthy and encourages them to lead active lifestyles long after they leave our program.

Guard the Pin

BLAST kids take part in a variety of fun games like Man on Mars and Crows and Cranes. Program Leaders also make sure to mix in elements of Physical Literacy into these active games to help participants develop vital movement skills.

Guard the Pin is a particular favourite active game which hones balance and agility. It involves one participant having to “guard” the clothes pin attached to their back and prevent it from being taken by the other players. Check out the fun! Click on a pic to see a bigger image:

After Active Games? Sweet Rewards!

After working up a sweat in the school yard, participants got to refuel with a cooking activity. They clearly enjoyed whipping up Wow Butter Banana Wraps – look at those pictures, thumbs up all round!

After activities, leaders always take the kids through a debrief.  Here, participants discuss their learnings and the leadership habits and character qualities they’ve been working on like being proactive and showing respect.Active games are part of all Moorelands’ kids programming. Don’t forget, you can now register online for Moorelands Camp as well as our after school programs. Visit to learn more.
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