Building confidence through drama

Building Self Confidence at BLAST

With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”  Dalai Lama

Moorelands’ programs are built on the 4cs: Helping kids build confidence, develop character, gain competence and create connections.

BLAST Grenoble kids recently took part in a drama activity. They had to improvise different emotions and situations without saying the name of the emotion or situation they were enacting… It turns out our BLAST kids are definitely budding actors! The activity was a great tool to get kids to express themselves, harness their creativity and help them build confidence. Check out the fun below:

Listen and Understand then be Understood

The confidence building activity also helped kids develop the Moorelands’ leadership habit of “Listen and Understand then be Understood”. In order to succeed in the activity, participants had to closely observe the body language and words of their peers. This gave them the chance to work on their empathy and listening skills which are important leadership attributes.

Healthy Snacks Every Day

Another important part of the BLAST program is that kids enjoy a nutritious snack every day. Snacks like veggies and hummus or crackers with cheese and fruit give our kids lots of energy. Energy they need to take part in the fun, active programming at BLAST!Finally, don’t forget you can now register online for Moorelands Camp as well as our after school programs.

Youth LED at Valley Park returns after March Break. Visit to learn more.
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