Proactive vs. Reactive: explaining the science behind dancing raisins

Proactive vs Reactive: BLAST explores reactions

“To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.”  Sir Isaac Newton

The kids at BLAST Grenoble recently took part in a science experiment: Dancing Raisins! Once a week, participants in our BLAST program take part in fun science projects. The aim is to give them a better understanding of scientific principles and gain competence.

In the Dancing Raisins experiment, kids explore what happens when the carbon dioxide in pop reacts with raisins.

Wacky Science

Because of the difference in density between the liquid in the pop and the raisins, it appears as though the raisins are dancing.

BLAST kids had fun making hypotheses about what they thought would happen to the raisins when they mixed with the soda. Then they really enjoyed observing the raisins dance!

Proactive vs Reactive

Just like all activities at Moorelands, there was also a second layer of learning. Throughout the activity, leaders took the opportunity to discuss being proactive vs reactive with the kids.

At Moorelands, we focus on the importance of being proactive rather than reactive in our behaviour. That is to say, unlike the raisins, we have a choice in how we behave and react. We’re responsible for our actions and we should always stop and think about their consequences.Kids will also learn great leadership lessons like proactive vs reactive up a Moorelands Camp Moorelands Camp this summer… and registration is open now!

PLUS, Youth LED for middle school students at Valley Park returns in March and there are still a few spaces left in all our BLAST after school programs. To register for BLAST, Youth LED or Moorelands Camp visit

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