Christmas Sharing Unites

Christmas Sharing Unites the Community!

Every year during the holiday season, Moorelands Kids’ Christmas Sharing unites the community as we come together to support families-in-need. Through your sponsorship or “adoption,” Toronto families facing financial challenges are provided with gifts, groceries, plus hats and mitts to keep them warm.

This year one of our first-time camper families, the Siddiquis – a family of six – soon to be seven, will receive support for the holiday season thanks to our amazing donors.

This past summer, mom, Juweriya Siddiqui, heard about Moorelands’ Online Camp through neighbours and was excited for the opportunity:

“Online school while living in apartment was very, very tough,” explains Mrs. Siddiqui, “There were lots of times the internet was not working or they were not concentrating so I worry. Kids need to get active.” Moorelands Camp was a great benefit, supplying the children with camp kits of all the things they needed to participate, and giving the enthusiastic, energetic kids a creative outlet and an opportunity to learn new skills.

“They learned so many things. Doing work individually, participating and confidence.”

Mrs. Siddiqui

Ten-year-old Zunaira looked up to the leaders at Moorelands Camp. “I really like them! They helped me learn how to make craft animals, art and colouring. My favourite thing was learning how to tie dye t-shirts!”

Now, the Siddiqui family is looking ahead to the holidays and mom is grateful that the Christmas Sharing program will provide gifts for her kids. Eight-year-old Arsalan is super sporty and never sits still! He’s hoping to receive something related to basketball under the tree. Noman, ten, is mad for technology – he’s crazy for gadgets. Little Arfaarn, seven, just wants everything his older siblings have… But it’s ten-year-old Zunaira who likes Christmas the most. She can’t wait to see the twinkling decorations around the city and maybe even craft her own!

By adopting a family through Christmas Sharing, our amazing community makes it possible for kids like Zunaira, Arsalan, Arfaan and Noman to have an exciting and joyful holiday season, and the skills they learn at Moorelands will be nurtured throughout the year. Thank you to all of you who make this possible!

Help kids LEVEL UP!

Gifts made on November 30th will be MATCHED by The Ward Family Foundation. Donate to help kids LEVEL UP!

Giving Tuesday 2021

Please note a stock photo has been used to protect this family’s privacy.

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