elise's story - why camp outs are the best

Camp Outs – The BEST NIGHT EVER!

See why Elise thinks Camp Outs are THE BEST NIGHT EVER at Moorelands Camp!

By Elise, age 13

“I’d never been canoeing before so I was super excited when we got lessons before camp out. Sitting there with the wind blowing on my face felt simply amazing. When camp out day finally arrived, everyone in my cabin was so excited for the adventures that awaited us. We canoed for about 30 minutes to a big rock in the middle of the lake before we headed to our campsite – our leader told us we were the first campers ever to make it there! We had so much fun!

“When we had dinner in the forest – bbq burgers and roasted marshmallows – I got so excited! We had a blast talking and joking around. I really wish the night didn’t end because the feeling I had spending time with my friends was outright fantastic. It felt good that we were all friends having fun without electronics in the way.  Just having fun with the people you care about gives you a great feeling of friendship. It was by far the best night I ever had at camp!

“I really learned a lot at camp out.  I learned that we had to work together for the canoe to move. We also had to care for and respect the canoes and ourselves, making sure we were doing things safely. Responsibility had a big part to play in camp out too. We had to make sure we were not putting others in danger by not following the rules.”

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