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Our Christmas Wish – ED’s Report Holiday 2019

Lynda Tilley Executive Director
Lynda Tilley, Executive Director

Everyone likes to receive presents during the holidays and you can give a gift that delivers big change in the life of a Toronto child this Christmas.

We URGENTLY need your help. 100 of our most under-served kids remain without sponsorship as we face the year-end. Their need is clear. Our need for your help this season is great.

We made a commitment to you to serve more kids and to serve kids more. In 2019, we succeeded beyond our expectations — and beyond our current budget. Camp grew 43% over the last two summers. After-school programs grew 54% in this school year alone as word from campers traveled back home. For us, saying no to these vulnerable kids just isn’t an option.

We’ve been fighting hard to win back funds not realized, as a result of changes in the marketplace. These funds, give kids like Elise the opportunity to develop self-esteem, resiliency and positive, enduring friendships. We are seeing tremendous change happening. We all know that kids today are more anxious than ever due to technology overuse. Moorelands Kids is doing something about it. Kids are going from never giving up their phones at home, to making real, in-person, connections at camp. Or, as Elise puts it, “Feeling the Friendship.”

You chose us because Moorelands Kids exists to ensure no child is left behind as a result of family income or financial need. We need your help to make this true for our remaining 100 participants in 2019.

We know how much you are already doing. We are beyond grateful to you for your support in this year. And still we must ask you, if you are going to make any additional gifts this year, please consider making it a gift of $1175 (or whatever you can) to the Moorelands Kids’ Happiness Factor Appeal.

Whatever your decision to this special request, I’m grateful to you for believing in our mission and for joining with us to achieve so much good this year.

I truly wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Christmas season.

With gratitude,

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Lynda Tilley
Executive Director, Moorelands Kids

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