Participants set goals through vision boarding

BLAST Kids Set Goals and Shoot for the Stars

“The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” ~ Michelangelo

One of the leadership habits practised at BLAST focuses on teaching kids to set goals and put first things first.

At Moorelands, we recognise the inherent value and potential of all children and youth. Our programs help participants build skills, like goal setting, that will help them actualize their potential.

In a recent arts and craft activity at BLAST Thorncliffe, participants got to create “vision boards”. The activity was used to help kids think “big picture” and set goals for their future. Throughout the activity, BLAST leaders used questioning to help kids consider what steps they would need to take to achieve their goals and focus on putting first things first.

Check out the pics:

Shooting for the Stars!

Over at BLAST Gateway, kids have been setting different kinds of goals… goals of a physical literacy nature! In the month of January, BLAST Gateway kids were focused on improving basketball skills and learning to shoot, dribble and pass the ball.

By focusing on an individual skill each week, participants are able to work towards building up their overall confidence and competence in basketball. Our intention is that through improving their skills, kids will not only become more adept on the basketball court but will become more active outside of the BLAST program and develop a lifelong love of sporting activity.Don’t forget, our Youth LED youth leadership programs for middle school students will return to Valley Park Middle School after March Break. This nine-week program will take place after school on Thursdays and will focus on fun, hands-on leadership skill building activities. Register online here.
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