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Why Working at Camp is THE BEST

Every summer, over 600 children have the opportunity to go to Moorelands Camp. They escape the concrete jungle of the city and replace it with 45 acres of lake, sand and forests. They spend a week making friends and living in a cabin. They learn new skills- kayaking, archery, high ropes, swimming, and many many others. Kids have the chance to have adventures on a campout, playing wild games with crazy costumes and themes. And most importantly, kids grow in confidence, and character.

None of this is possible without the 50+ camp staff who choose to spend their summer at Moorelands Camp.

Working at camp is THE BEST. It will be the most challenging, stretching, and amazing experience of your life. Here are some things that will happen at camp…

You will make AMAZING FRIENDS.

Camp is where strangers become friends, and where those friendships will last forever. Living and working together, you will meet other people who are as committed to helping others as you are! How can you NOT be friends when you dress up as Mud Men, run around the island in crazy costumes, paddle the lake together, or lead a cabin of kids together!

You will spend your summer HELPING KIDS.

Moorelands Kids is a children’s charity that teaches kids from low-income, Toronto neighbourhoods the 21st century skills they need to be outstanding leaders and engaged citizens. When you work at camp, you are giving of yourself in one of the most fulfilling ways possible- helping others! There will be children who look up to you, learn from you, and who will be your biggest fans!

Though DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP SKILLS, you will learn and grow personally.

Our staff members are positive, enthusiastic team players who put the needs of others before their own. We provide an incredible week of training, and ongoing development opportunities. Working at camp prepares you to work in MANY other areas – you will have LOTS to add to your resume!

After a summer working at camp, staff members are ready for the challenge of being a strong role model and mentor who empowers kids to positively develop their leadership skills in a fun and transformative environment!

Apply today to work at Moorelands Camp today! It truly is THE BEST!


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