When leaders face a challenge, they get to make choices. Our young leaders in BLAST (Budding Leaders After School Teams) experience this every week as they try new things together. Whether they are making nachos together, trying tzatziki for the first time, making crafts or playing games, they get to chose how they respond to problems.


At Moorelands Kids’ BLAST after-school program, students learn that when facing a new challenge, or problem, they can be REACTIVE or PROACTIVE.

BLAST kids learn to be proactive
  • REACTIVE leaders lack self-control, make rash decisions and lash out; PROACTIVE leaders take time to think things through and focus on outcomes…
  • REACTIVE leaders are afraid of mistakes; PROACTIVE leaders are not because they know they can learn from them…
  • REACTIVE leaders focus on their own needs and put themselves first; PROACTIVE leaders understand the power of teamwork in solving problems…
  • REACTIVE leaders push for instant results; PROACTIVE leaders share a vision and think strategically so everyone can move forward…


One of the Moorelands Kids’ Habits & Qualities is CARING. Participants are taught that it’s important to Listen and Understand and THEN be understood. They learn that taking time to…

  2. Be open-minded to other peoples ideas
  3. Listening without interrupting to understand another’s point of view
  4. Calmly helping others understand yours

…is part of what makes a leader PROACTIVE. When you are REACTIVE to a problem, you run the risk of letting your emotions cloud your thinking and making poor decisions. Being REACTIVE means you often miss out on the best solution to a problem because you can’t see other perspectives to your own. 

Are there areas in your life where you could be more PROACTIVE and less REACTIVE? How can you be more caring in your family, in your school, in your community, or in your workplace?

Early Bird Camp Registration!

Moorelands Camp registration is OPEN! Anyone who applies before January 31st will be entered into a draw to win their choice of camp week, plus a Moorelands Camp BRACELET! Click here to enter your child’s application online today!


Applications are also open for our camp high school programs: LEDGE and STEP! These programs challenge campers to:

Two friends enjoying meal time at camp!
  • Develop their leadership skills through a variety of practical activities
  • Learn about their personal strengths and areas to develop
  • Practice valuable life skills that are transferable to their community back in the city

 The LEDGE (Learn, Experience, Deepen, Grow, Empower) program is for participants in grade 9. The STEP (Serve, Transform, Excel, Practice) program is for participants in grade 10. Applications can be submitted until February 4th. Interviews and Information sessions are on February 9th and 23rd. Click here to apply now!

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