tips for first-time campers

Tips for first-time campers (and parents!)

We know that sending your child to camp is a big deal for parents AND for kids. If it’s their first time away from home, we understand that there might be some nerves. Because we want every camper to have success at Moorelands Camp, we have some helpful tips that might help our first-time campers.

What if my child is missing home?

We know that it can be hard to be away from home. We work with your child to help them settle into camp and feel a part of the community. We want them to feel safe. If the situation remains unchanged, we will contact you.

SOME IDEAS: send a family photo, bring a comfort item from home (favourite blanket or pillow), write your child a note.

What about the BUGS?!

Bugs are a reality when you are in the forest. First-time campers might not be used to creepy crawlies but you’ll get used to ’em. Remember to keep busy and have fun; you won’t notice them as much because you’ll be too busy being awesome 🙂

SOME IDEAS: pack bug spray, wear light coloured clothing, don’t bring perfumes or strongly scented items – if you smell like a flower, a bug might be more attracted to you

What if I’m nervous to try new activities?

Moorelands Camp is designed to be FUN! Our quality camp programs are based on, and support, Positive Youth Development so there’s no need to be nervous: our caring staff will be there to help, guide and encourage you. It’s ok to feel a little out of your comfort zone at first, but don’t worry everyone will have your back! You might just discover something new you are AMAZING at and really love. How will you know if you’ve never tried?

SOME IDEAS: When you sign up for your MAPs (Moorelands Activity Picks), try new things! Bring closed toed shoes for running around and some activities. Bring bathing suits for water activities! Please note: Some activities have skill or age restrictions. Swimming skills are assessed on the first day of camp. 

How will I cope without my cellphone?

First-time campers might not be used to being away from their phones but this is a great opportunity! Enjoy the freedom of not worrying about social media and having fun with new friends. If there is a problem, Moorelands Camp will contact parents. If parents need to contact their child in an emergency, they may call the camp office.

SOME IDEAS: Campers, remember that your cabin leader is there for you – if you have a problem, your cabin leader will listen and help you. We really want you to immerse in the camp experience – leave the concrete of Toronto in Toronto, and lean into the amazing experience of summer camp!

How do I meet new friends?

Making new friends can feel scary! But we KNOW that you can do it. In fact, you might make some of your best friends here. You are in for a week of FUN, and laughter, and new adventures!

SOME IDEAS: When you meet someone, introduce yourself! Ask questions to get to know people. Focus on having fun together!

Camp is an incredible experience. Whether you’re a parent who is sending your child to camp for the first time, or a first-time camper, or maybe you’ve even attended Moorelands Camp for 5 years already, remember: you are WELCOME, we CARE about you, and we can’t WAIT to have fun with you. You will learn about your self, you will try new activities, you will make new friends, and you will develop new leadership skills.



If you have any questions, please call our office at (416) 466-9987 or send an email to

questions for first-time campers

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