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Early Registration Open for Moorelands Camp 2018!

Early registration is open for Moorelands Camp 2018! We already have 24 applications in for the upcoming summer, so don’t delay.

And don’t forget, we’re running our “early bird” contest again this year: get your *completed* application in by January 26th and be entered into a draw to win a family night out! ($50 cineplex gift card and $50 restaurant gift card).

Moorelands Camp is calling!


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Back home, in the City, Chloe has always had trouble fitting in.

She arrived at Moorelands Camp, aged 8, in a flurry of hyperactivity.  Right away, camp staff realised that she needed help making and keeping friends.  Chloe was loud, impatient and often interrupted campers and staff mid-sentence.   It was clear that she was desperate to make friends and yet her behaviour kept other kids away.  She felt left out, alone and angry. It was the story of her life she told camp counsellor, Lynx.

But something happened to Chloe at camp. She started to see that not everyone was against her. The inclusive atmosphere had an immediate impact. As she participated in activities and worked as part of a team, she started to build confidence in herself and then build friendships.

She told Lynx it was the first time in her life that people were kind to her; that other kids didn’t make fun of her or exclude her from the group.  With support from staff, she learned to respect others and let them have their say.  She learned that while she didn’t have to be like everyone else to fit in, she did have to treat others with respect.

Now aged 11, Chloe came back this summer for her third year at camp. She’s proud to have taken the lessons she’s learned back home and things are getting better there.  But she still looks forward to camp all year long. It’s the one place, she explains, that she can be herself and everyone will accept her for who she is.

Chloe is from a low-income background. Without the sponsorship of generous donors, she would not be able to attend camp. Please donate and provide Chloe with the skills and life-lessons she needs to succeed.

Our Moorelands’ campers’ names and images are changed to protect their identities.

Summer Camp - great learning choice for kids

Summer Camp: Teaching Children Skills for a Lifetime

summer camp
summer camp camp fire
summer camp

Summer camp is a time for children to try new things, make new friends, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. As the warmer weather starts approaching, we look forward to another fun-filled camp season.

Located on the gorgeous Kawagama Lake, Moorelands Camp provides children with a week away from the city in a safe, positive, and incredibly fun environment. But let’s face it – we all know camp is fun! What many of us may not realise is that summer camp also teaches children a variety of positive character skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

We’ve decided to compile a short list of some of the skills you can expect your child to develop at summer camp:

summer camp girls having fun
summer camp
summer camp


One of the most rewarding effects summer camp has on children is boosting their self-confidence. Unlike school where children are so often faced with strict academic, athletic, and even social competition, summer camp is a non-competitive environment. At camp, every child is a winner. With opportunities to accomplish something new every day, summer camp develops children’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem that stays with them forever.


Summer camp is an incredible opportunity for children to blossom and develop into who they truly are. When children live away from home, they are free to make their own choices without having a parent or a teacher do it for them. By thinking for themselves, children develop independence, self-assuredness, and trust in their own decision-making ability. This has a lasting impact and can even help children down the road in making good decisions and avoiding peer pressure.


Whether it’s cleaning up the table, making the beds, or helping younger campers out, there are countless opportunities for children to take initiative at camp. But more than that, at Moorelands, our camp counselors go to great lengths to embed the importance of leadership and how to be leaders into every activity that the campers do. By inspiring and motivating the children to be proactive, set goals and work as a team, camp counselors are invaluable role models during a child’s time at camp, and often leave a lasting positive impression on the young campers.


There’s no doubt about it – trying new things can be difficult. At summer camp, kids are encouraged to explore and try new activates that are outside of their comfort zone. Although intimidating at first, being faced with new situations helps in developing children’s courage and aptitude to explore. Oftentimes, children discover amazing things about themselves that they would have never discovered outside of camp. This appetite for adventure stays with kids throughout their entire lives.

It’s amazing to see all the positive ways that summer camp helps children grow. Is there anywhere else children can have fun, enjoy the outdoors, make friends, and learn new things all while developing lifelong skills that will help them succeed in life?

We encourage you to give your child the opportunity to go to summer camp. To find out more about Moorelands Summer Camp, head over to our camp page to watch our video!

By Natalie Burns-Holland

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summer camp confidence
summer camp discipline
summer camp
summer camp
Early Registration

Early Registration for Camp!

“The early bird catches the worm”  Proverb

Early Registration for Camp

Early Registration: A camper enjoys swimming at Moorelands
A camper enjoys swimming at Moorelands

Did you know that RETURNING CAMPERS have the opportunity to complete early registration for Moorelands Wilderness Camp 2017 – BEFORE anyone else? It’s simple. Fill out your application online, pay the $25 deposit and we will ensure that you have a spot for 2017. Your actual camp dates will be confirmed within 3 weeks of applying.

Register early for a chance to win prizes!

Register before January 27th, 2017 and be entered to win one of these great prizes:

1st $50 Dine-Out Card

2nd $25 Grocery Gift Card

3rd A family art kit & board game

Early Registration: Fun cheers in the dining hall.
Fun cheers in the dining hall!
Early Registration: Campers travel to camp by boat.
Campers travel to camp by boat.

What you will need for early registration online:

  1. Photo/Scan of your drug benefit card.
  2. Photo/Scan of Proof of Income (Canada Child Tax Benefit Statement – 2015)
  3. Credit card/Debit Card/PayPal to pay $25.00 deposit

Need assistance? Contact us!

Please note:

  • Some camper applications may need to be reviewed by the Registration Committee and those spots are not guaranteed.
  • Pre-Registration does not apply to Leadership Camps. Please contact the office for information about A.C.E. and S.A.L.T.: 416.466.9987 ext. 300
  • After January 27th, 2017 registration will be open to new campers

If you have any questions about applying for camp, please call our office – 416.466.9987 ext. 300

Moorelands Logo - help us help kids

Amphibians: Trips gives a lesson about our neighbours in the frog pond.

Moorelands’ own David Attenborough aka Trips gives a lesson on Amphibians

Land, Lake and Sky at Moorelands Camp

Moorelands’ own David Attenborough, aka Trips the head of Outdoor Living Skills at camp, gives a lesson on Amphibians in our Land, Lake and Sky program at Moorelands Wilderness Camp. The program teaches kids all about nature and how to be good stewards of the environment. Here Trips gives campers (and camp staff) an education about some of our amphibious neighbours, salamanders, at camp.

MAPS Archery

MAPS at Moorelands Wilderness Camp – a whole lot of learning

MAPS are Moorelands Activity Picks at Moorelands Wilderness Camp. These are skill based activities chosen by campers on arrival at camp on Monday. Campers pick 3 MAPS. From Tuesday to Friday, they spend their mornings honing the different MAP skills they have selected.

MAPS are not only used to teach campers active and healthy outdoor pursuits. They are also the mechanism Moorelands uses to teach vital life skills, leadership skills and positive character qualities.  Camp staff put a lot of time into preparing each program. They think through how they can connect each MAP to a deeper level of learning. Like teaching teamwork through canoeing and communication skills through low ropes.  MAPS always end with a debrief. Here, campers can discuss their experiences and what they have learned. Staff use this time to explain to campers how they can use the skills they have learned back home to become leaders in their own lives and communities.

MAPS Swimming lessons
MAPS Swimming lessons
MAPS Wilderness Survival Skills
MAPS Wilderness Survival Skills
MAPS Arts and Crafts
MAPS Arts and Crafts
MAPS Adventure Team Challenge
MAPS Adventure Team Challenge
MAPS High Ropes
MAPS High Ropes
MAPS Sports
MAPS Sports
MAPS Archery
MAPS Archery
MAPS Canoeing
MAPS Canoeing
MAPS Land, Lake and Sky
MAPS Land, Lake and Sky

The Different MAPS


Since Moorelands Camp is on a peninsula, swimming is an essential program. Campers are offered daily swim lessons, to increase their confidence and competence. This program also includes skin diving and “Swim to Survive”. Recreational swimming is available every day.


In WSS, campers learn the essentials of wilderness living, emergency responses, and nature education. Skills taught include map and compass reading, food preparation and storage, knots, first aid and safety, minimum impact camping and weather.


The Arts and Crafts Program helps campers to express themselves. Celebrating and appreciating other’s creativity is modelled and encouraged.


This program focuses on working together as a group to learn and perform songs and appreciate music.


The Low Ropes Course is a fantastic team-based activity course. Through initiatives and cooperative activities, groups learn to work together. They are taught to understand and appreciate strengths, differences, and group dynamics. The low ropes course advances group interaction, building teamwork and cohesion.


The High Ropes Course is an innovative program. It provides campers with a safe environment to learn more about themselves and others.  The foundation of this program is CHALLENGE BY CHOICE. We foster a cooperative and supportive environment.  Campers choose to challenge themselves. They are not pushed to complete a task if they feel uncomfortable.


The Sports Program teaches lifelong recreation skills and Physical Literacy.  With an emphasis on team sports, we aim to develop campers’ sense of fair play, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.  Sports include field games, basketball, quidditch, soccer, volleyball, and football.


This program teaches the fundamentals of archery. It focuses on safety, equipment care, self-discipline, decision making and fun. Archery is a non-athletic sport that encompasses many levels of ability.  Campers practice discipline as they work through the program.


Kayaking – We use sit-n-top kayaks to teach entry level skills to campers. Campers learn the parts of the boat and paddle and basic maneuvering. At the end of the session, they paddle around the camp.
Canoeing – Using Grumman canoes, we teach basic to advanced canoeing skills to campers at Canoe Bay.

Land, Lake and Sky (LLS) PROGRAM

LLS is a mix of science exploration, environmental awareness, stewardship and in-depth discovery of nature and conservancy. Campers learn about the environment they inhabit at camp and the program helps them become responsible stewards of our Ontario wilderness.

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