STWM 2015

Thank you to everyone who supported Moorelands in the STWM 2015

It was a chilly morning on Sunday October 18th 2015 when Moorelanders got up before the sun to run and walk for brighter futures! It was such a fun day! Our runners and walkers were filled with passion, enthusiasm and excitement in the light snow fall and we’re so proud of the brilliant times achieved by all our participants. Massive thanks to everyone who supported Moorelands in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM) 2015 – you guys are all super stars!

Thank you (in no particular order!): Mike Bartholomew, Bill Banham, Helen Banham, Aleks Petryga, Tara Cremin, Jennifer Paredes, Peter Paredes, Raquel Paredes, Daniel Paredes, Matthew Parades, John de Visser, Aine McGrath, Maureen Lewis, Ricardo Dick, Jaleel Brown, Mary Campbell, Chrissy Munroe , John-Henri Peterson, Meagan Webb, Vilvan Gunasingham, Rajie Loganathan, Jonathan Ramanathan, Sarah Ramanathan, Ruwani  Seevakireedam, Thilini Seevakireedam, Lindsey Swartzman, Kumar Thangarajah, Mera V, Julien Vijayakumar & Katie Wright for supporting Moorelands Community Services in the‪ ‎STWM!‬

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