Moorelands Messages October 30th 2015

Hey Moorelands!

Thank you STWMFirst of all a massive THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored us in the STWM – we raised a whopping $11,816.36!  Thank you for believing in our walkers and runners, thank you for believing in Moorelands’ programs and thank you for believing in our kids! Hip hip hooray for our awesome Moorelands donors!

hoop glider steps small for webOver at Moorelands’ Budding Leaders After-school Teams (BLAST) Grenoble our kids have been experimenting with engineering skills! Recently they took part in a Hoop Glider Engineering activity. Out of just a few paper clips, strips of paper and some drinking straws, participants created and tested a prototype, learned how to set a goal for creating a better glider, and experimented with changing one variable to make their glider meet that goal. They also learned the basics of scientific concepts like gravity, lift, thrust and drag whilst having tons of fun!

Our BLAST Gateway participants have been equally active, first learning how to pass in soccer as part of their physical literacy component (which involves them focusing on a particular sport each month and honing the skills required to become competent).  They’ve also been busy gearing up for Halloween – in preparation for Friday’s party, they’ve been having lots of fun creating Halloween Goo! Check out the gallery!

Thorncliffe playing the Great Wall of China game

BLAST Thorncliffe have been enjoying lots of active play with gym games like ‘Great Wall of China’ which helps kids develop spatial awareness, cardiovascular endurance, critical thinking and problem solving, as well as running, dodging, turning skills. They’ve been letting their artistic sides run wild too as they painted fall masterpieces (see the pics below).

Over at Moorelands revamped Youth LED Volunteer program, things are getting really exciting now. As mentioned before, during the first part of the program our young leaders learn key leadership skills and competencies. Soon they will be entering the next phase where they go out into our BLAST program to practise and hone the skills they are developing. This week our Youth LED Volunteer participants visited BLAST Gateway and BLAST Grenoble to prepare for when they start volunteering in November.

Finally, check out our Christmas Sharing webpage to see how you can get involved with Moorelands this festive season and make the holidays brighter for a child in need.

Have a great week!

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