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Share it forwardWhy not Share it Forward this Christmas?

Ask Dianna what she wants for Christmas and she’ll tell you there’s not much she personally needs, but there’s a lot she would wish for a child at Christmas. That’s why we created the Share it Forward Christmas card. Each holiday, Dianna gives a list of great Moorelands programs to her three young nephews, and invites them each to choose the one they would like to support as her Christmas gift that year.

“I found that my oldest nephew, David, was particularly interested in the Whacky Science workshops that BLAST offers, so he wanted to support those. Mark was more interested in the baseball, soccer and active games workshops, and Jason loves the drama and arts programming of BLAST.” For Dianna, it’s all about knowing a child in-need will have safe, fun and enriching experiences to keep them engaged and learning during those vulnerable hours after school and before parents can get home from work. “When I learned that most (74%) Moorelands’ BLAST families struggle to get by on less than $30,000 a year, I knew I wanted to make Moorelands’ Share it Forward Christmas card  a part of our Christmas traditions.”

You can donate one of your gifts to a Moorelands’ child too. Why not reach out to a friend or family member and ask them to make one of your Christmas gifts an opportunity for a child to experience Moorelands’ BLAST after-school program, for themselves?  Simply give them the link: and ask them to make a donation in your name.

Whatever amount they donate will be put towards supporting a child from the high priority communities of Thorncliffe Park or Flemingdon Park in engaging, vital, exciting and character-building, programming at Moorelands Budding Leaders After-School Team (BLAST).  It’s a gift that will keep on giving joy and hope throughout the year.

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