Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy at BLAST-A-THON

On Friday May 20, kids from all three of Moorelands BLAST programs came together to show off their sports skills and compete in Moorelands’ BLAST-A-THON!

BLAST-A-THON 2016 was a physical literacy extravaganza! At this special event, BLAST kids competed in fun events like Egg and Spoon Race, Three-legged Race and Potato Sack Race.  The friendly competition had a focus on being active, developing team work skills and participation. (Link)

The sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky as our kids took to the race track.  BLAST kids have been honing their physical literacy skills like throwing, catching and running all month; it was wonderful to see their hard work in action. The best part of the afternoon was seeing our kids being great team players: supporting one another and cheering on their teammates. It made for such a fun day and really goes to show that it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts.That being said…it was a competition…so hats off to the BLUE team who were the champions of the day. Second place was GREEN, followed by RED and YELLOW. Well done to all our participants, you guys rock!

The BLAST-A-THON couldn’t have happened without the hard work of our staff and volunteers. A special thank you to Moorelands Youth LED volunteers who helped organise the events and made the day run so smoothly. They really demonstrated excellent communication, decision making, teamwork and initiative – WELL DONE!Another big thank you goes out to our volunteers from McCarthy Tetrault: Brianne, Etienne and Alyssa – you guys were so much fun and excellent role models for our BLAST kids, thank you for being there at the finish line to cheer on our kids!

Finally, thank you to our friends over at Mondelez for providing treats for the goodie bags for our BLAST champions!  The kids loved the fruit creams and snack packs!

Thank you EVERYONE who took part, you made yourselves proud. Looking forward to BLAST-A-THON 2017!

Have a great week!

Physical Literacy

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